Suffering today

Im not being crazy i put up a post and nobody has tried to reach out…leaving group just like my life nobody cares


I’m sorry no one answered, it’s nothing personal, there’s a lot of members on here and a lot of threads and sometimes posts get overlooked. I’ve been on here for years but I can still post topics that get no responses. What’s going on with you?

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I’m a perennial quitter of this site.

But I lack patience and self-control.

Things I’m being taught the hard way currently in real life.

Sometimes the Internet is disappointing.


I got into a Facebook joust with my BIL.
He didn’t acknowledge my ‘Happy Birthday’ post.
Like the ones he was ‘liking’ all quickly before.
He stopped at mine.

24 hours later I emailed him pretty angry.
My sister said it was an oversight.
Not before telling mommy; and screaming to me to get a life.

My father calmly said; it’s not the way the Internet works.

I think deep down it was a way to dominate my sister, by proxy?

If so he lied to me countless times in voicecalls. My sister said to come to him if you have a problem with him.

Married couples stick up for each other, I know. But the afterlight is I am the bigger child. And I’m a loose wire. And therefore I should not hear about their dynamics anymore.

I was careful to keep my arguments all surrounding what they call in Argument & Debate: “The Point of Clash”.

Sadly in me, it’s just a resentment. And as alcoholic I need to watch those…

Don’t give up here. I recognize your screenname and will build you up especially since you did the same for me, eh I guess I am a child!!


Sometimes posts get missed, don’t take it personally. What’s going on with you that you’re not feeling great today?

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@Happy2Help @ozymandias i got things done today but took me 3 hrs looking at door to leave to go to store it took 3 days to get me to stand outside and put decorations up but when i got home i still needed to mow grass but got so paranoid and scared i shut front door things started building paranio
…so my bed look like its on a frame but what people dont know its my safe spot my bed rises up and i can crawl under it and lower mattress and nobody knows im here i sit under my bed until paranio goes away its been all day


@77nick77 please see above comment

Hi and welcome to the forum! I tend to stick to a few certain rooms. I hadn’t been here for awhile. I saw your other post today. I hope you’re doing alright. It’s nice to have a cozy safe space. I just hope you’re not stuck there too long. We’re here. This forum contains a very supportive group of people.

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