For everyone here

I’m glad we’re here for each other. I have often cried over this illness and I have seen a lot of you in pain. Emotionally. I’m not complaining as much anymore. I have not met any of you in person right but lord I love my fellow sz sza PTSD etc people. I will take up for any of you in a heartbeat. I have people judging me, name calling me but today I just don’t care. Don’t feel embarrassed about your illness or feel less of a human being just because you have this illness.

As weird as this sounds, just laugh a little today about something. Get the hell out of the house. Anyway, take it easy.



Hi there @roxanna Please take your meds and stay safe!!!


We love you too @roxanna.
Stay safe!

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Hugs to you @roxanna



Love the message, @roxanna
I’ll be here for ya anytime.
Which reminds me I should probably be more compassionate on this site,
Anyone who has this. . . . . The struggle of all this is serial.

Well hope you have a beautiful day,
Love the thought of laughing just a little more.

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Thanks @roxanna. You sound like you’re feeling better. :smiley:

i know why santa is so jolly!

he knows where all the
ho, ho, ho’s are.


Theresafew of those around myaptcomp

Thanks for this post Roxanna.

I hope you have good day!


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Thank you roxanna im glad i found this place too, im having a bad mental day today but you made me smile, and i appreciate that

Thanks @roxanna! I feel the same way. It’s nice that there is a place we can all go to support and help and talk to each other. I hope you’re feeling better and the meds are helping you. I know you been struggling. It sure is a struggle sometimes more than others. Hugs


Yes, we love you too, @Roxanna. Have a blessed day.

:roll_eyes: sad if this is people’s level of humor.

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sorry sarad.

i don’t believe in such things as ho’s.

nevertheless i apologize that i was insensitive.

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