Study: People affected by schizophrenia less likely to get wrinkles

Because of less emotion/expression on our faces.

Just kidding but I wonder if it is true


I thought this joke was going to go the morbid route about how we are less likely to live to an age where we would develop wrinkles.


Not true. I have bad wrinkles under my left eye from where I sleep 10 hours a day.


I’m older and I look 18, thanks to a wrinkle cream I invented from cow manure, and lucky for you today, it can be yours for the low low price of $24.95, plus shipping, (the cow weighs a bit) and as a added bonus, I will add a second cow free, just pay additional shipping.

Order today and be wrinkle free, look young again!!!


That’s true I didn’t think of that @ninjastar

@Mountainman I’ll take 4!

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That is not the way I see it, when I look in a mirror.


@Mountainman I will just go down the road and pick some out of the field.


we must be delusional

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Where’s the study?


Haha, sad but true

if you touch your eyes a lot, not take care of your skin, not change pillow sheets and cry a lot, you’d get wrinkles quickly =)

On the other hand, I have vitiligo so wrinkles is the frosting on the cake.

Overweight people look much younger.

@MsBuddha I agree overweight people look younger. As for vilitigo, maybe @Mountainman has a manure formula you could try


Also, don’t wash ur face a lot cuz it strips it of natural moisture


I have heard about hot shower makes wrinkles on your face but never heard about washing your face.

It’s just my theory, not a scientific fact. When u wash skin with soap it strips it of it’s oil so i sort of put two-and-two together and figured if moisturizing preserves skin then stripping it of it’s oil does the opposite

WEL… It is more for…ehem genitals. Never heard that about face.

Just dont go to the face wash isle of the store, i’ve heard good things about cetaphil

Yeah I heard that as well @Esm so I wash my face with hot water and a sponge. No soap

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are you a woman?

I am a make up artist so we use a lot of products on the face - most women do so we need to maintain a healthy complexion. I use hydrating masks, anti aging exfoliators, ton of make up, toner after wash etc.

Anyway =)