Study: People affected by schizophrenia less likely to get wrinkles

PSA: Wash your genitals folks…


Im 95 but people tell me i look like im a hundred

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ok this thread has taken an unexpected turn. Redirect please

@Jimmyjam hahaha. just deadpan for the rest of your life its proven to freeze aging. By the time you’re 100 you might look 98

Oily skin wrinkles less that dry skin, obviously. So all the girls in high school who had beautiful non-shiny skin and no pimples look like old prunes now.

@mountainman, we joke about drinking so much milk we need a cow in our yard, but I couldn’t stand all the lip smacking noises the cow makes, but burgers sound delicious today.


I wish I had more wrinkles, I have a lot of youth in my blood. :slight_smile:

I am 48 and look about 10 years younger but that is because I cheated. Before I was MI, I had my eyes done and injections in my face. Now I don’t even comb my damn hair. I use to look beautiful all the time. Now I look like a homeless SZ

Ahhh well. 4 cows for me please, @Mountainman ! I need all the shyt I can get. In no hurry to age.

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I never use any creams or soap on my face. I look much younger than I am. I turn 40 this year and people think I’m 15 years younger. Two years ago I had to show ID in the liquor store. I bought non-alcoholic wine! He was a bit embarassed about the situation.

Illusion of Age is not just your face, it is also your cloths and mannerism.

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this joke legit made me laugh. schizophrenia humor, i like it


oh the embarrassment of being refused a pack of smokes for lack of ID…(and I don’t even smoke), was buying them for a customer in her 80’s…how old do you have to be I asked the clerk…18 years old?
Eh, I was twice that, sigh.

It’s from having no affect and no emotion. Your face doesn’t move so therefore you don’t get wrinkles.
The meds make it even worse

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I was gonna say cause we never go outside. Lol.

Great BC ID rather have sza than wrinkles :upside_down_face:

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