I don't think I'm aging well

Some women look so lovely as they age. I’m not one of them. Of course I never was really good looking. Maybe a strong cute at times, but that’s about it to be honest. And that’s ok. But it would have been cool to be one of those women who just seem to look better with age. I definitely look old for my age. I always have, could get into bars and drink in restaurants before I was out of high school. Then it was cool, now, not so much. Anyway, and physically I’m older, with physical problems you would expect in someone 10 yrs older or more. I don’t think I will live to be very old.

Age doesn’t matter unless you are a cheese or a fine wine


Oh gracious I feel 90 and probably look it as well. Mostly I don’t care


I use to really care how I looked. Then wen I got my first lines between my eyes, I didn’t want to face it for a while. I decided I wud stop drinking coffee as that drys the skin. Now I hav finally accepted it and with that acceptance I hav stopped caring if I look old. I drink lots of coffe now

I will be ugly and not care in old age. I will be preoccupied with farting on old people buses. How about that ■■■■■■■ weather?


@roxanna you crack me up sometimes. :joy:


I don’t care how I look so long as I’m “healthy”. I’m 48 now.


I was doing okay until my psychotic break honestly. That seemed to be when I lost all my looks. It’s a pretty striking before and after.

Downhill for me, everything takes it’s turn hurting and a new illness every year, Body is shutting down

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I used to be good looking as a kid and young adult.
Honestly I’m not aging well.

My brother is only 2 years younger than me but he acts so much more youthful than me.

I don’t think that I will make it to 65 years old.

I am 54 years old but I look and move as if I were in my 60s.

I don’t want to blame the meds but I’m pretty sure they play a big part.

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I look old too. I was a pretty good looking young woman up until I turned about 48. That’s when all my hair started falling out. It’s amazing how thinned out hair will make you look old. Even if you have no wrinkles. I had no wrinkles up until last year when I got one frown wrinkle between my eyes. I’m slowly getting used to it all. But, it’s hard.

Well I’ve got some crows feet.sometimes after sitting it’s hard to get my body moving. Anyone else have difficulty moving after sitting? I think I’m too young for this s***. I’m 42.

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I’ve aged about ten years in the past five. Getting married, moving to a whole new area (away from my dad and my son), and starting a new job shut me down in some ways. I’ve gained about 40 pounds! And the stress of it all shows.
I’ve never been beautiful, but now I’m not even attractive. My husband is sweet about it, but I feel bad for him.


My soul is so tired, I’m only 37 but feel 50 I have bad knees all my life & I am severely overweight, high blood pressure & I am mostly bald with many gray hairs… You just have to keep pushing forward… Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

I’m pretty sure i saw a picture of you in another post, and quite honestly, i didn’t think you looked that old at all. I guess it is all a matter of perception. I don’t know if i’m ageing well to be honest. I work in aged care so i see people so much worse than me physically, so i never complain. Mentally, however, i feel like i have dementia some days my cognition is so poor…or at least it is what i imagine dementia would be like.

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You’re so modest. I’ve seen your pic. You look great. Gorgeous


Some guys are attracted to women who are a little timid and insecure just saying. I dunno I find the fact that you seem to genuinely think you’re not attractive when you are,that’s attractive to me. :+1:

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