Stuck in a horrible eating pattern

These last few days the only time I don’t feel desperately anxious is when I am eating. So I have been eating loads.

This excess eating in turn upsets me more so I resort to eating more to get relief from the bad feelings.

Is ■■■■■■ up


I’ve been overeating and eating junk food for a long time now. Can’t seem to break the cycle.


Not a whole lot of help out there for this kind of thing.

I know that I eat excessively or more than I normally would because there is a deep wound that it helps avoid.

Losing weight is easy for me with self-control but it seems to bring that pain up which makes me want to run to eating a lot again.

Then, like you said, I feel bad because I over ate and want to eat more for relief from feeling like crap Lol.



I experience the same exact thing!


Yea I know the feeling
Today I feel like I’m on drugs because I’m just eating a ■■■■ load of junk food.

Like I feel relatively high compared to my normal self.

It’s terrible.

Hope you get your normal eating pattern back at the right time.


I ate a lot yesterday too. 3 slices of pizza. It wasn’t even fun after the second piece, it was like work, stuffing my face to finish the plate.

Just eat until full, don’t have to push. It is fine to have leftovers.


Lol 3 slices of pizza is nothing.well it is something but defo not a binge. Aw you and your little stomach. I’m a fat potato haha.
But it’s OK,eating changes start tomorrow its a special day for me tomorrow… 05.05.2020…


My blood sugar is back to being too high.
Have to start eating better, my health is seriously at risk.

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I have had binge eating problems.
Think I weighed over eighty kg once even.

I’m doing ok now.
Binge a little but not totally out of control anymore.

Had crumpets with golden syrup lately.

I long for food all the time.
Think of it all day.
It is so difficult to not snack and sometimes I do.

If I was in Sweden it would be much worse as they have hönökaka there n Swedish lollies.
Good thing I nolonger have that temptation.:yum:


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