I feel rubbish

I ate junk food again all day.

I feel like a pile of rubbish.

Why does food affect me so much.

I’m going on a fast.

My brother is supporting me I asked him if he will and he said yes.

I’m actually going to rely on him this time.

I don’t know if I should use the word depressed but seriously it is affecting my motivation crazy bad.

I feel so rubbish right now.

■■■■ you junk food. You don’t belong in my universe anymore

Good and powerful statement.

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Yeah it’s tough but don’t beat yourself up about it as it’s all brain chemistry in my mind.

I’ve found replacing negative behavior with good helps lots. For me that means no cigarettes/alcohol and junk food and doing exercise instead. I’m a work in progress and I have setbacks but I do some good things. I’m almost down to a major level in my weight and I’m working really very hard.

Food is hard but it too can be managed with better control. I think discipline when your sz is hard but it’s not unreachable. Eat smaller portions. Maybe try smaller more frequent meals…? Snack on things like carrots or celery ? I am not sure your any better off but you have options…

I think the hardest thing is getting some routine into life. I’m a big believer in meds same time everyday. Try to sleep same time everyday…do things with regularity and that even includes food. I try to eat same time everyday etc…It really can work if you try it and I think it helps…

Chin up. It’s only the beginning of your journey!

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Thankyou Hachi. It is.

Hope you’re well.

Yes, pdoc increase my doze of ap and I feel good today

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Congratulations on the achievements I am so happy for you. That is fantastic, really.

Yes I think once I get a job things will get easier. So that will be the positive replacement :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear it Hachi. Keep on keeping on :slight_smile:

Sometimes a med ajdustment can be an amazing thing.

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You can do it. Working is great to keep you regular! It’s not much fun but it’s still pretty good for discipline.

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I’ll try to make it fun. :smile:

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It’s never to late for a fix .
I thought I wasn’t going to finish my schedule today and I did.

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Congrats dude that’s good news. I hope you feel proud of yourself for that achievement.
I did do a bit of socialising today which was my achievement :slight_smile:

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Do you have health insurance? If so, would it cover a nutritionist?

I ask because I’ve been seeing a nutritionist that my health insurance pays for. Being a nutritionist is not an exact science though.

I had one a long time ago who I knew already a lot of what she said because I had read up on it. Dr. Atkins diet seems to fallen out of favor but if you read his book it has a lot of good science behind it. And I learned a lot about dieting from losing about 60 lbs on his diet. A lot of nutrition is just common sense i.e. eat lots of fruit and vegetables, avoid sugar and bad fat, eat lean meats for protein, eat or drink low fat dairy products. Eat only healthy carbs, etc.

Fasting may be recommended by some doctors but it really isn’t a good way to lose weight and keep it off. You might lose a few lbs by fasting but the chances are high that you will gain it back, and then some. Common sense.

Cutting down excessively on calories is not the best diet for long term weight loss either. Cutting down on calories is good within reason. You cut down too much it could be unhealthy and you will be walking around hungry all day which is not conducive to losing weight. Everybody’s physiology is different and can process food differently but just common sense will guide you to a healthy weight loss.

I’ve tried to do a little bit of socializing but the voices think that site isn’t good enough for the m. They tried to tell me about Facebook and Instagram but this was to hard to keep up with for me see.

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