People are so hateful

But the ones they hate the most are themselves


Sounds like you are projecting. what you see in others is a reflection of yourself. your paranoia and fear of others alters the way you perceive events and causes you to pay special attention to certain things that may or may not be relevant to the reality of the situation. when you are suspicious, you project that out onto the world and only see what you want to see. what helps me is to relax and surrender. to let go of fear and stop trying to exert myself onto the world. when you are without an agenda, you can take in all information and when you take in all information, everything is as it should be. nobody is talking about you or me. And nobody hates you. At least I don’t. I barely know you. I only know what you post here. so relax, you’re fine.

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Sounds like you get it (spirituality).


when i’m sober and not trying to escape from life, i can deal with things as they are and generally things are ok. i always have suspicions but that is just left over habitual thinking brought on by a traumatic psychosis. i have my own struggles, but i’m trying to let others help instead of being suspicious of them. it’s a shift in perspective


You know I don’t hate anyone but I ‘easily’ dislike people. Idk… It just happens so ‘easily’ for me. Ppl hurt me sometimes maybe unintentionally but cos it hurts a lot, I just don’t like them. It’s not alwaaaays the case but does happen.

Is that normal?

Probably has to do with way I feel about myself too

I hate a lot of people. When I check a bit of the news. So many awful people.

I understand there are many good people too.

I’m not really hateful. Annoying, sure.

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