I hate alot

Not really a mean person. I just hate everything.

While I do find it difficult to love, I also don’t embrace hate.

I’m sorry your past has left you sour.

It isn’t just my past, it’s also my present, and future as well.

Everyday is a mystery. There might not be a solution.

I hate mysteries!

Ultimately my hatred comes from suffering.

I just hate suffering so i hate everything.

Most of this if not all is suffering, way to much of it in my opinion.

Get on my humor boat baby it gets me thru.


I hate a lot too. I use it almost in everything I write here. I’m trying to getaway from using it by substituting other words like ,tons,gobs,slathers, oodles,reams,scads,plethora or some antonyms even like little,few,bit,couple…a lot is frequently misspelled as alot.

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You seem to be in a different place then you were in the past @tobornottob12b I hope you are doing alright.



I’ve noticed a change in me as well since I started using sarcosine. Doesn’t seem to do any harm though.

How’s that working for you?

I think that it is causing me to think in the more singular rather than the duality ways of thinking.

That’s interesting. Do you find it to be a good thing? Until I developed psychosis I loved to try and see things from all angles. Then psychosis set in and that just became a total wreck.

Nowadays I find it best to just try not to think at all, which may be impossible I’m not sure yet.

It’s too early to determine whether it will be good or not for me in the long run.

I have triple thought in singular thinking but when dual I think of love and peace.

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Very wise. Hope you the best for you.

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