Struggling with Food

I haven’t eaten in two days. I am starving, but I’m losing weight. Does anyone else have any advice for living with two mental illnesses? :frowning2:

go to a church and get free food ! you might call and see if there is a food bank in your area? Please seek food and then if you can manage it tell your psychiatrist what you are going through? good luck.

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Thanks, @jukebox

I think it’s really important to spread information like that, but technically the starvation is intentional. :disappointed: I have anorexia, too.

Anyway, thank you again for the information. That makes me want to donate to my local food pantry. :slight_smile:

well, you sound stable so fasting is your choice…I hope you decide to eat soon. long fasting is bad for your body. drink plenty of water , o k?

Thanks. Everyone on this website is so kind and means so much to me. Take care, too, jukebox.

I had a few friends with aneorexia and I’m so sorry you have to deal with it. It can be very scary. Aneorexia gains its power when it can successfully isolate you from everyone around you, so maybe try to reach out to friends or family. Do activities together and get reassurance that you are loved and accepted. Go to therapy. I would stay away from aneorexia support sites, because a lot of them devolve into fellow addicts giving each other tips on how to hide their illness instead of actually helping each other recover.


Also, many local hospitals have outpatient groups you can join. My friend has managed recovery by diligently counting her calories and eating exactly as much as she needs to survive. She also measures her arms and legs because she gets upset when she bloats during her period, and when she measures,babe can see that the weight gain is only extra water weight. Having an exact scientific number makes it easier for her to see her body as it really is, instead of as a giant monster.

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I was bulimic a few years ago. Eating disorders are really frightening, they do so much damage both physically and mentally.

I tried to overcome it by talking to my family and friends, not about having bulimia but just gaining reassurance that it’s not how I look that they like about me.

I assure you that people in your life wouldn’t care if you weight a lot, as long as you were happy. Anorexia is such an unhappy disorder to have.

Try to reach out as much as possible.


Try getting on zyprexa is for anorexia and schizophrenia

I have the same issue. You’re not alone.
I go back and forth between periods of starving and over-eating. There is no in between, and it’s a living hell.
I just hope you’re okay.

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i’m sorry, I hope you someday get help when you are ready. jukebox had a good idea if you ever need food go to a food bank. once in while they give away yogurt or ice cream at least the ones do here. this last time I went to one I got a free cake and we ate it for my partner’s graduation when she got her high school diploma/GED.

I’m sorry you’re going through this! As a person living with anorexia, I understand the painful days one lives in. The best thing to do is seek help! I’m glad you’ve acknowledged that you aren’t eating properly so the next step is to let others know :slight_smile: Tell your therapist or your trusted family for support. All the luck to you! :heart:

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