Trigger warning disease

Think I’ve got some narrowing in brain blood vessel.

And still I ate tonnes yesterday

Addiction is powerful

My diet starts on monday

I’m so restless I just want answers

I hope my mess in my brain is reversible

Hope u have a good day
Don’t mind me I just wanted to share with u

And my hair treatment starts in 3 weeks I’m having to grow out hair on my face it’s really challenging but so far I’ve got quite a bit, fortunately it’s not a full on beard but it’s still enough to be a lot for a girl

I can’t wait for the treatment to be over

Luv ya


Hi @anon90843118-- hope ya get the good news you’re looking for in regards to your MRI :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope all’s well!

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Thankyou @Schztuna :hear_no_evil: wish I’d stopped hearing my blood but all will be OK with time

Hope all well with ya too :slight_smile:

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The root cause is in the liver, then the lungs, then the heart and finally the brain. Oxygen with respect to causes one and three, bacteria with respect to causes two and four.

Yea I think the food binging affects every part of my body tbh. I feel so disgusted and upset at myself that I’m still doing this even today wen I’m so scared about my poor brain

Do you think diets are a bad idea if you have an eating disorder? Do you think it would be better to try and get your eating right with good meals, so you are not hungry and you dont eat all the time. I just think diets seem like a good idea to you but it might just be part of the problem you are having.

I am a firm advocator of eating well and breathing well, that includes pro-biotics and perfume.

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Yes a lot of people say this. Not just you.
Thanks for the suggestion @anon98459728
But I don’t believe in eating normal I feel so guilty to eat normal like I’m harming my body

I don’t think any amount of therapy will get that belief out of my system

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Do you use normal aftershave though or do you make your own with flowers and alcohol.

I used to use tweezers to pluck out the hairs. For several years. I never shaved there.
The tweezing made those hairs longer and thicker. Especially on my chin :sob:

Hey! I was suspected of infraction years ago but things turned out to be fine.
You will be okay, too. Rooting for you! :heart:

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Thankyouuu :heart::heart::heart:

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