Eating disorder trigger. I'm having serious addiction problems

It has gotten to the point where I have no money and am fantasising about stealing food.
No money cos spent so much on food.
Ofcourse I would not do that though.

Gonna go and borrow some off a mate tomorrow.

And food bank on Monday.

Flippin hell

Anyway it is okay I’m getting therapy soon.



Does anyone here have really serious addiction?

How do you cope or deal with it

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Do you seriously mean you have no food and resources or do you not have the food you want?

I’m confused by the post.

I have nuts and seeds and oats. It isn’t enough.
When I feel like this.

Sorry I should have clarified.

To be clear you said in the past that you have no money to buy the foods you love, but that you still have regular food. Is this true or has that changed?

I feel agitated like quite badly.

Man why does life have to be like this.

Anyway therapy soon. Yay.

You crave junk food when you get agitated? I get that.

Like I said above, I have nuts seeds oats and one celery bunch. To last me until 1st December.

I want processed food because I’m seriously addicted in a serious way.

I feel really agitated.

It isn’t a joke.

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I assure you I’m not laughing. I hope the food bank has some good options for you.


Two days ago I was asking neighbours for food.
I don’t eat anything cooked, cause I don’t cook.
I got from a lady neighbour stuffed pepper.
I also volunteered at church kitchen, and ate there.
Maybe look around for that…

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Thankyou @anon55031185

And thankyou for the advice @anon25523312

Sorry to hear that you can’t cook.

But I’m glad you have stuff to eat


Are you having a break of some kind?
Speak if you aren’t feeling well

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Definitely hit the food bank(s). Hopefully they’ll give you enough to get through. Food insecurity is awful. I deal with it a lot, it isn’t fun.


Hey Zoa,
I just feel like I don’t know what to do with myself because all I’m thinking about is food.

I think I’m going to go and jump on a bus and ride around town.

It will help I think.



Sorry to hear you go through food insecurity sometimes.

Hope things get easier.

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Stay well, please…


Thankyou Zoa. You too, take it easy :upside_down_face:


Yes, distraction such as jumping on a bus helps when an addiction is screaming at me, and I don’t want to use.

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@Zoe You posted four days ago that you got food from a food bank. Can you go back to the food bank to get some more food?

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I learned the hard way the more insecure your food is the more addicted to it you will be.

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