I’m so depressed about my weight

I’m 13.12. I should be like 10 stone. That makes me nearly 4 stone overweight. Is weight loss on antipsychotics possible. What should I do.

I’m losing a pound a week by eating 1200 calories per day so it is possible even if it’s slower for us than it is for people not on antipsychotics

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Don’t u find ur hungry?


Im about 6 stone overweight so I know the feeling. The best thing to do is to start counting calories and stick to it for a week. There maybe things you are eating that are pushing you over your daily limit. Its what Im doing at the moment.
I used to be a waist size 32. Im now a waist size 42!! Its so embarrassing/disappointing.
Just remember you have to be the one to change how things are, no one else will do it for you. If you are unhappy about how things are now - do something about it.

How do u maintain 1200?

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I feel I have given up all effort for normal life


Yeah I used to be waist 32 as well. I’m female. Are you male or female. I need to stop drinking. Empty calories.

How are you feeling now? You had some symptoms a few days ago.

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I have fewer voices. But still have voices.
I’m done. I have no hope for the future.
I drink lately and that makes me feel more like ■■■■. What about you?


I’ve been feeling anxious and a bit paranoid.

Midday, I have a protein shake that’s 120 calories and 24 grams of protein. It helps keep me from feeling hungry

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Paranoid about what?

What protein shake do you get and supplement? I might try it.

About stupid things I’ve said.

Optimum Nutrition whey.

It´s very hard to lose weight on abilify. Olanzapine was disastrous.
I can maintain one week of weight lose but then i begin to have hunger pangs.

I am too. I was anorexic during my psychotic break, and during the worst of it I was 135 pounds. Now I’m 300. So yeah, I’m pretty depressed about it, though I try not to let it get to me much.

The worst thing about anorexia was that I was happy I was so thin; I felt accomplished and successful through my hard work and starvation. And I guess you could say I still have remnants of those thoughts, so I feel even more down on myself that I’ve gained all that weight.


Drinking alcohol has been my problem in last two weeks.

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It’s possible to lose a considerable amount of weight on Antipsychotics but it’s not going to be easy.
It also depends on which meds you are on.
Some are easier to lose weight on than others.
Don’t give up @Star84.

I’m on depixol. Know if it’s easy on that?