Struggling to feel normal

I know there is no such thing as normal. But do you feel like an outcast sometimes? Lately I don’t know if its depression but I have been feeling extremely negative. I’ve lost all hope for the future. Like what’s the point ?. I am not suicidal but if I got cancer or something I wouldn’t fight it and I would not feel upset. I am back on meds but I still struggle to feel normal. I just feel like the odd one out. They refuse me antidepressants. Say it would make me manic.

Can you try a new pdoc?

Also, have you tried atypical antidepressants before, such as wellbutrin?

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Antidepressants are out of the question. In the UK wellbuterin is used as an aid to quit smoking, nothng else. The UK is slightly different, You can’t choose who you want to see when you have an MI condition unless of course you have enough money to go private :frowning:

I cant take Antidepressants either.

Ask your pdoc for alternatives - Abilify has antidepressant properties - can you raise the dose a bit?

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Also Lamictal is a mood stabilizer that can often help with depression. I’ve heard of people being prescribed the atypical stimulant called modafinil to help with depression also.

The best thing to help is to find something that you’re passionate about and excel at it. This could include hobbies, sports, academic subjects, etc.

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Yeah I do need to up the dose a bit back to 7;5MG, that didn’t seem to make me feel like ■■■■. Also will try suggesting lamictal instead of the increased dose. see what they say… I will try one last time and if nothing happens i might as well just give up even talking to these people i don’t feel like i’m getting anywhere with the help i need.

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