Struggling for positivity

Sometimes/often it’s hard to think of positive things about myself.It’s hard to see beyond the illness.


Let me help with what I’ve observed…?

I know you to be generous with the information you have, you persevere despite rude folks, you have a fun sense of humor, you’re civil and supportive, and I personally thank you for participating on this forum.


I’m quite sure you have many positive attributes. Most people do at least have some. Certainly nobody is all bad or all good. I think there’s an untainted sort of person beneath the blanket of the illness – the person we could possibly liken to who we were as children, who we are at our core, essentially. Not that we are literally tainted, but what I mean is, we are undoubtedly damaged by the illness’ unforgiving nature.

It may not be possible to entirely shed the skin of the condition, but it certainly is possible to separate it from who you are deep down. It doesn’t define you, but it does characterize you in ways that have the tendency to consume you so that it’s all you know about yourself. Learning how to become more attuned to the person affected rather than defined by the illness could be beneficial in recovery. That takes a lot of serious introspection and potential bravery in facing harsh realities.

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I agreed with Csummers.


I second all of that, @firemonkey. You’re intelligent and supportive and an important member of the forum. I appreciate all that you do here. :heart:


Hey @firemonkey, I’m doing ok on abilify. But if you hadn’t posted that article on L-theanine I’d probably have to be in another less effective med. I can’t tolerate abilify without L-theanine.

I always meant to thank you for that. So… Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I agree. Today I was full of anger and badly wanted to hurt people again. It makes me feel very upset with myself.

Emit the illness, most of us are hardly dealing with the negativity around us. It exists without question.

It’s up to you how you deal with it. It may be hard to think positively most of the time, especially when you could feel everything around you is dragging you down. But do not let it get to you! To think of positive thoughts, read positive things like uplifting quotes, inspiring stories, good and happy music. Surround yourself with good, positive people and everything will get better.

I may sound okay too, but I am also struggling for positive thoughts because I face my negative thoughts every single day. Hang in there! :wink:

Hey, firemonkey, please read this: :smiley: