Strike Three for Multivitamin Use

This week the Annals of Internal Medicine published the results of three studies looking at the health effects of long term use of multivitamins. Two of the studies are placebo controlled trials, both completely negative. The third is a systematic review, which found scant evidence for benefit. Together they are a significant blow to the routine use of multivitamins for health promotion or disease prevention.

Good article. Eating a well rounded diet is the best option. I take supplements but I also know that I don’t follow the recommended doses of food intact. I also have a physical done every year so my doctor tells me what items I am lacking in.

I wonder if somehow pharmaceutical companies were involved in this multivitamin study. Seems very fishy to me. Vitamin use can always be beneficial - when used properly.

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I heard about this study and an interview with the lead author. This seems true for people who have reasonably healthy diets with fruits and vegetables - but in our family’s experience people with a little paranoia often avoid fresh fruit and vegetables because they are concerned with it being tainted somehow - with the result of a very poor diet. I wonder if the different diets – typically poor diets in people who have schizophrenia – might mean that people with schizophrenia could benefit from a multivitamin?

Here is one related news item/study:

Poor diet provides clue to metabolic abnormalities in schizophrenia

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I have benefited with taking single amino acid but i haven’t tried supplementing myself with total amino acids. Its small doses of all type of amino acids in a capsule. I will try it in 4 days and i will see the results.

My point of view is that while I don’t need many of the vitimins and minerals in a typical multivitamin, I find that the rest are stuff that’s beneficial.

When I started taking a complete vitamin, antioxidant and omega 3 kit it changed my life completely. My anxiety that was a sideeffect from Seroquel disappeared completely.

I know it was the health supplement that made me A LOT better. I stopped taking meds for a period and got institutionalized and there I stopped taking my health supplement and I got my old symptoms back. Within one week on health supplements I had 0 side effects and had no schizophrenia symptoms.

If you have problems with confusion and anxiety as a side effect you should try out a complete health supplement that has vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega 3.

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