Multivitamins (What do They Do)

Today I bought some gummy multivitamins, and Im wondering what they actually do for your health. Will I feel anything different from them. I already take Vitamin D3 because I have a D3 deficiency.

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Ideally, you should have such a healthy diet that you get all the daily recommended vitimins and minerals from your food that your body needs to operate at an optimum level. But many or most people don’t eat right, for whatever reason. So that’s where a multi-vitamin comes in. It gives you the needed vitamins that you’re not getting from your diet.


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This is not a professional opinion but just a gut instinct. Mainly.
I’d keep my supplements and supplements doses as low as possible because the body has a fine balance of stuffs and throwing in mega doses of things every day may offset that in some cases (some high supplement doses are not good, ideal n can have adverse health effects in the long term)
Also the body uses a combination of stuffs to do its job not just the single vitamins found in multivitamins, there’s things in plant foods required that are not found in multivitamins so its very important not to rely just on multivitamins to be healthy. But also plant foods.
That being said
I do use supplements too since I am plant based eater, and I hope it’s for the better(the supplements). I make sure to eat nutrient dense at the same time since that is wat the body needs.

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I take extremely low doses of haloperidol (3mg), 1 g of vitamin c and a tonne of niacin. Now ive heard about research contradicting dr abraham hoffer but i call ■■■■■■■■. Ive completely changed as a person and for the better. My mental capacity, focus, clarity and overall social capabilities have improved dramatically. My girlfriend of 8 years has seen a huge change in me, along with other people in my life. The thing is i dont follow his regiment. I find when i hit the 4 hour mark, i start to feel an increase in symptoms. I usually start to feel anxious so i take a dose every 4 hours or so. Initially i started to take niacin while i was on medication to see if there where any improvements and there was. I researched that you should take 3 doses a day so i did. When i came off my medication it was a struggle and i decided to stay on haloperidol. Over the course of 2 years i played with it until i found a dose that works and ive stuck with it ever since. I get regular blood checks with no repercussions so far. Even though my regiment stays the same i notice major improvements every few months. Niacin has the possibility to permanently cure schizophrenia with long term treatment. The good thing about it is you dont have to come off medication to experience the positive effects. Who ever did the studies missed something in their research. Maybe it was the dose, the patients, la

Lack of doses, types of patients or even how long they monitored these patients. Ive been taking niacin for 4 or 5 years and still keep improving. This is what i recommend, slowly work up your dose until flushing is gone, 1 gram of vitamin C, regular niacin (not extended release because it causes liver damage), regular blood test, and staying on your medication for at least a year or two. When a good portion of time has passed, and you feel like you might be at an optimal level, talk to your doctor about slowly lowering your medication, if you want. Make sure they are informed the entire time and can look after you. If you lower your medication, be aware of side effects and have people keep an eye on you, that you trust for feed back. All in all, the safest most effective way ive found to go about it. Niacin changed my life. Look into niacin the real story if you want.

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I take Vitafusion Men’s Multivitamin. I believe there’s a place for supplements especially when you can get enough of certain supplements in your diet.

Had to deal with unable to absorb critical vitamins through food. Supplements work in my case for some reason. Vitamin deficiencies cause all kinds of severe problems. B3, B6 and/or B12 deficiencies cause psychosis. That’s a general known fact regardless of whose research you want to focus on.

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I’ve read in Prevention magazine that multivitamins do no good and actually harm your health. Ie., they increase mortality.

Oh that’s funny. Of course I was talking about single vitamin supplements vs. multivitamins.