Street Drug thats most tolerable

The most tolerable, that it wont exacerbate your symptoms.

lol cock. hope u mean coke! but hey, who knows!!

What where you hoping for in trying street drugs?
It’s best to try nothing and never get started.

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I misspelled it…

I tried before, didnt liked it, i will never do drugs anymore, i will just drink once a week, alcohol is the only thing that Doesnt exacerbates my symptom.

Alcohol is ok, as long as you don’t give it any of your power, because all it will do is take.

I tried weed, it made me totally psychotic. Alcohol worked for me but be moderate, its so easy to become an alcoholic…at least it was for me!

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I got clean in 1990. I don’t miss drugs at all. Once I stopped using drugs and drinking my life got much, much, better.


Molly, pure mdma. Enjoyed euphoria for 4hrs without hearing any voices

Very dangerous drug. I think it can cause paralyzes when overused as it messes with your serotonin levels.

I miss MDMA. I will be honest… Back in my day we called it E or XTC. But it used to melt the wax build up like no other… it was the day after that I was near suicidal.

Now, I’m so glad I’m clean and sober. No more for me thanks, I’ve got too much at stake.


I’m thinking people who have schizophrenia and do drugs are lucky if they recover and get clean. I’m trying to set higher standards for my health, and that means no more drugs and being more careful. I wanted to try opiates for a long time because it clears my head and helps deal with the pain. But after I did that then everything became horrible. My friend died of an OD, these destructive people started tormenting me, and I was using drugs to escape it with the very person who started it all anyways.

It just seems like everyone around here or in general is abusing drugs. I want to get away from it, and it’s like the more I notice the more pathetic it seems.

Should never have gone down this path in the first place. It started with drinking every day with friends, and then they got into pills and it was just pure insanity from there. I don’t want to be that person. And I’m not. I stopped doing drugs last year, but I still have been smoking pot.

The weed sometimes helps my mood. I mean everyone’s legalizing it and it’s less taboo. I just get really high when I smoke so I can’t smoke a lot. I just need to cut back on the smoking because of the carcinogens. I don’t really consider weed a bad drugs, but when it’s medicinal it’s the best.

Who thinks I should quit smoking pot though? Is it really bad for someone with schizophrenia? Because I can’t tell. Sometimes it puts me in a really good mood, and sometimes it just makes me feel stupid. But I don’t drive on it, and I don’t smoke too much of it. I don’t like how it feels in combination with anything else.

Oh yeah, and it doesn’t make me hallucinate. It can sometimes make me paranoid but that’s only if I haven’t smoked for several weeks and I smoke a lot.

My psychiatrist knows I smoke pot and I think she’s against it, she said that it depresses you over time. Is that true though? The statistics are all over the place. My ears have been ringing lately, and I feel like I got so high that the whole town just knows when I light it up, and i’m like…

I just get majorly zoned out on it. For a period of time I was having severe amnesia and black outs, that’s when I first started smoking. What causes that? I don’t get that anymore. But it was like, literally, blacking out and forgetting everything i thought said or did. I would be gone, and back, and gone and back and gone and back. Like it messed with my memory.

StarryNight. Pot is illegal in most places and expensive. I just had to say that.
But I think whether to smoke pot or not with schizophrenia is an individual decision that should be based on your own experience with it. Some people claim they can smoke it without any ill effects. With other people it makes their symptoms worse. You need to take an honest look at the effect it has on you and not fool yourself. You have to weigh the ‘positives vs negatives’ and see if it’s worth smoking.
I will say this. My last two years of high school i was a daily smoker. And it was almost always fun. I smoked it sporadically after high school.Then I got sick when I was 19. And after I got sick I tried smoking it and it made me feel REALLY bad. It really ramped up my psychosis. I HAD to stop. I just couldn’t handle it. I stopped smoking it when I was 19. I didn’t smoke it again until I was 22. I won’t list my whole history with it but I will say that I smoked it in my late twenties, but I smoked it WAY after I should have stopped. It made me paranoid and miserable, yet I still smoked it. Always thinking ,“Well the next time will be better”. I was trying to recapture that old feeling when it was fun. But I couldn’t. I had to learn the hard way that I needed to quit. But I actually quit ALL drugs AND alcohol when I was 29 years old in1990. And I’m so glad.


The mescaline or acid or whatever the ■■■■ I took years ago tripped me into SZ land. The stuff I took was so strong I tripped for 2 - 3 days. I dont think drugs are the solution for escape. If I wanted to run away from reality, I stop taking my meds - same effect. I need to head towards reality not cause more psychotic behavior through drugs.
I did my share of drugs when I was younger, I dont miss any of the chaos it caused me

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Sorry if my opinion is not wanted but I thought I’d share my experience :slight_smile:

I smoked dope everyday for 10 years i dont have sz and i thought at the time it wasn’t a big deal I always felt good when I smoked and I was of false belief that it wasn’t an addictive drug. When I came to a point that I realised apart from feeling high It was doing more damage the good for me. I ended up losing a lot of weight I got down to 43 kgs I’m only 5 foot so its not overly thin for my size but still didn’t look as healthy as I’d have liked and that was due to needing to smoke to feel hungry and when I did it was more when it was wearing off that I’d feel hunger so my eating habits were way off it also become a need to smoke soon as I woke up just to feel normal and I’d get rather agitated untill I smoked and I’d have to smoke more and more over time just to get an effect. I quit for around 12 months then had the stupid idea to smoke a joint with a friend one night and I felt horrible it was nothing like I remembered from the first time there was no giggles there was no munchies instead I had racing heart beat I felt paranoid felt like I had to really remind myself to breath and that taking big long breaths still wasn’t giving me enough oxygen and I was extremely quiet the complete opposite to what I usually am, so my advice would be sz or not its not a safe drug at all anything you use that’s not for medical reasons to feel better is not a good choice as wether it is chemically addictive or not it can become a mental addiction that can begin to take over rather then just be of help :slight_smile: that’s my piece and thanks for reading

The street drug that is the most tolerable is the street drug I never have to take again. Meth is a killer. And when you survive it’s called schizophrenia.

Thanks for the advice 77Nick77. I had schizophrenia before I started smoking and I attribute that to the reversal in my symptoms. I feel like I steadily improved ever since i started smoking. I feel less anxious all the time, more confident, less paranoid etc. I also started a new medication, and I’m thinking I’ll probably stop smoking pot. I’m gonna stop drinking too though I haven’t been doing it a lot for the past two fridays I did get drunk with friends.

Have there been any positive results for TCH treatment of schizophrenia? Just out of curiosity. I don’t think I’m going to get on it, I just wanted to know.

Shortly after I quit crack, I got a part-time job. I worked there for the next three years. I also went back to school. I started taking the bus to 6 AA, CA, and NA meetings a week. And doing assorted social stuff. I also flew across the country a few times. And I flew to Vegas I would never have done those things while on drugs.

I only smoked pot once. I had oneor two hits shared with a circle of other “friends”. It made me hallucinate big time…it may have been laced with something else…but my friend didn’t hallucinate.

I hated the feeling of being out of control of myself. I went to the bathroom, looked at myself in the mirror and said, “magicstar! you are so stupid. what are you doing”?

I never smoked pot again. ever. and never will. and I have never used any other type of drugs. except alcohol. but I am not an alcoholic. I drink maybe once a yr. if that.

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