Strange random images?

I have a question pertaining to Sz. Does having random disturbing images pop into your mind at random intervals during the day a possible symptom of the illness? I have noticed for a while now that I’ll have disgusting gore like images pop into my mind when I’m working and when that happens, more random black objects will be seen from the corner of my eyes. They will either zoom by or for example cover a wall. When I look at them they disappear of course but it seems to be increasing. Just wondering about all of this. Thanks.


I’ve had random images pop up in my head. Like when I sat by the computer all of a sudden I got the image I was at the beach for a second. It was very annoying to not know where I was because I got unsure of my surroundings.

When they’re images you can’t control than that is a visual hallucination. I get them. I also get them when my eyes are open. At night it’s like a film reel and image after image will spin through my head. I also get visions where I am somewhere completely different. I used to get them while driving which was scary as I would be gone and than when I came back it took me a moment to adjust to my surroundings. Images can be a symptom of sz as they are a hallucination, but they are also common with OCD. So the best thing would be to ask a doctor. Best of luck to you. :sunny:


Thanks for all of your replies.

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Yes theyre called intrusive thoughts. I used to have them all of the time. My demon form in pitch black night in the rain…not pleasant. Getting drunk was the only way to stop my symptoms back in the day. I had delusions, intrusive thoughts, visuals and auditories but very little disorganization or negative symptoms, my only negative symptom was being asocial. Now Im on meds and im done with that ■■■■ for the most part


When I’m doing poorly, this happens a LOT. Even happens when I sleep…

The ones while I’m sleeping are terrifying.

Yes - these are quite common with schizophrenia, as well as other disorders:

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yes,i have “disturbing Images”…it is awful…simply put…I hope you get medication to ease the burden of these images…wishing you the best

Yes, they do that, to me at least they do that sometimes.

For me there is a difference between visual hallucinations and intrusive thoughts. The intrusive thoughts are worse then the hallucinations.

My hallucinations for the most part are sort of calm and benign. The intrusive thoughts are disturbing.

no i have random hallucinations as well, i see stuff zip across me or i’ll see snakes coming down the walls sometimes. but these thoughts aren’t hallucinations, they are intrusive as the SzAdmin explained. They’ll flash at random times and stay for a couple of minutes to creep me out lol.

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dont u think visual hallucinations r sth u see with ur eyes rather than ur mindss eye? like seeing an elephant in a room and also they r coz of ocd

Whts the diff between visual hall. N dadreaming

Daydreaming you control hallucinations you can’t. They’re vivid and don’t stop. When I have visions I go somewhere else completely. Think of it like voices in your head. You can’t control them or how loud they get. I see entities that are so loud and vivid that I pace back and forth as he screams at me. I hope this answered your question. :sunny:

Yes I have random images come into my head as well , but only at nighttime when I go to bed and have my eye’s shut. I will have random images like running through a forest or two people talking, a road that leads into the sunset. I also get disturbing images sometimes also when I sleep.

Although when this happens this is a sign for me that I am about to fall asleep. I am very close to falling asleep when stuff like this happens so I sometimes invite images or voices in my head, because I will fall asleep shortly after.

Everyone has visions when they’re about to fall asleep. I see them during the day with my eyes open. Just as some people hear voices in their head or hear them outside their head it’s the same with visual hallucinations :sunny:

Hello do you have schizophrenia? If you are a family member of someone who has it please go to

Yes I have this. I


I saw myself hanging from a beam last night very vividly when I closed my eyes

I see random images and movies playing in my head. so detailed & perfect.

The images that come to ur mind instantly how wud u explain em? Like r the images about past memmories or like daydreaming in that case intrusive thoughts ie ocd? Or r the images like uncontrollable n instantly come to mind even when busy in sth?