I’m confused about something

Are unwanted disturbing images that pop up in my head called intrusive images or thoughts?

I guess it’s a symptom of my OCD

Am I right with this?

What are intrusive images from OCD?

What are they like?

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My intrusive thoughts have always been associated with my OCD.

I don’t know how it works for everyone, but that’s how I was diagnosed.

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Yes I’m sorry that you have these intrusive thoughts but I guess what I’m asking is what exactly are intrusive thoughts and images?

Maybe it’s not related to my OCD and I just have a Vivid imagination?

It could be ocd or it could be a psychotic symptom. I think its prob a bit of both.

At times ill have the same image repeating over and over all day, or other times its so vivid it almost takes over my vision and is quite distracting.

Or it could be snippets of music or movie or tv characters repeating the same phrases.

Maybe the difference is when the intrusive image is more like a “vision” then its a psychosis like symptom.

I used to get visions where id be flying around in space and i could go to different planets and stuff, or some superheros would be fighting on clouds and stuff.

I wasnt thinking it up at all, i could see it in my head with my eyes open, and if i closed my eyes it was all there very vividly if that makes sense.


Usually thoughts of people/animals getting hurt,

When the thoughts become repetitive and difficult to control,

That’s when I think it’s OCD.

I don’t know.

This is genuinely just what I think.

I have no idea what qualifies as OCD.


Yeah I think with me it’s part of my ocd and paranoia (psychosis) @LevelJ1
You are right, thanks

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Thanks @Charles_Foster

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I don’t have OCD and get intrusive thoughts and images all the time. They said it’s related to my mental illness. I have never been diagnosed with OCD. Usually my medications help keep these down to a manageable level.


Ok thanks @sweetpotatofries

I get intrusive thoughts and images too. I’m not diagnosed with ocd only sza

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The thing with images is they by-pass a lot of intellect and affect emotions/the heart immediately. That’s why it’s important to have a strong core, and to find ways to cope with visual images. Sleeping with a multi-colored rotating light nearby can reduce some mental images, since it’s hard to see some of them in light. 20% of light can come through closed eyelids. It’s good to sleep in the dark for eye health I guess but other times light helps, too. I would call them intrusive images because thoughts are reconsiderable, where images are a little harder to reconsider.


No these aren’t visual hallucinations
They are disturbing images that I imagine in my head