Strange physical hallucinations today, ever happen to you? freaked me out

I was reclined in the chair when all of a sudden I took a deep breath to relax and felt a nice chill start up my spine but it was soon interrupted by feeling like both my calves got electrocuted!! Weirded me out, so I kept trying to relax and about a minute later middle of my back on the left side of the spine felt like someone was sticking me with a red hot poker over and over again for a few minutes. So my question is what the hell is going on? I’ve felt someone massage my legs, tap me on the shoulder, bump my elbow, but nothing painful like this!

sounds like heaven too me…
and no those good things never happen too me

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@alias yes very pleasant but, not being electrocuted, and burned it was painful and the first time its ever happened

ok, yes thats not so good.

One shocker that I experienced took place whilst I was sitting on the couch watching TV. Suddenly darkness crept over me from behind. It took about 3 seconds and moved towards and across me in a smooth linear manner.

It was clear that it was only my vision that was being affected. I could tell that it was in a way a patch of darkness, meaning a patch surrounding my head that somehow shut down that part of the brain at the back that processes vision.

Quickly I moved forward, and as doing so I was moving out of the zone of pitch black darkness, a zone that was fixated at a specific place above the couch, a place that was just several inches away from the wall.

I then, in fear, jumped off the couch. Moments later, due to my curiosity, I sat back down on the couch and slowly moved my head to that pitch black dead zone, and sure enough as I moved into the zone, once again I was in total darkness.

That was enough for me. I got up and stayed away from the couch for several hours just make sure that this damn thing would not track and follow me permanently.

Oops. My apologies. This was not a hallucination. This was 100% real.

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I do have tactile hallucinations. Some of them are very pleasant and I enjoy them. Sometimes they hurt. It’s odd what the brain does. I have some that I call the voodoo pin stabbie. It hurts like no other for a moment and then it will let up. I hate those.

Sometimes they are stress triggered, some times it really is muscle spasm from too much or too little activity.

If it gets persistent then I find it is short walk and long bath time. That will usually help.

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Yes, i was once electrocuted but not for long though, it was an intense jolt, very painful actually, my entire body flinched from it and it hurt very badly.

At the same time a face made of light appeared to me grinning with fangs, looked like a sleek vampire business man or something.

And i was burned as well, on my hand, it even left two marks for a time, it hurt a little but then stopped.

And yet again another face appeared to me, staring at me, i could tell how powerful it was compared to me, all that i could do was look away and try and keep going.

I’ve also been grabbed on my shoulder, and grabbed during an awful nightmare which shocked me into waking, it was a hideous sickening embrace as i dreamed this horrible thing.

I keep trying to tell people im not hallucinating, not by their definition anyway, it’s one of the only ways they can communicate because they are that which is unseen. A hallucination is the only way to see them.

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I get things like that, I get tactile hallucinations from time to time and yes they are weird like your, poking, burning, and touching… actually the electrical impulses only happened to me when one of my worst psychotic episodes happened.
But what the hell you were doing relaxing !!! :astonished: schizophrenics are not suppose to do any relaxation exercises… you might get more of those ugly hallucinations if you did that. even normal people experience hallucinations when they do excessive relaxation…I hope u don’t get any more of those unpleasant hallucinations…good luck :wink:

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i get tactile hallucinations at school, feeling someone grab my backpack and pull really hard, or feel someone poking me.

Thanks guys, I was worried that it was something more serious; physically wrong with me. I’m glad I can just go for a walk and it won’t make it worse ot spread, thats what I thought could happen so I kept still. Thanks @SurprisedJ

@Alex I meditate frequently so this was a shock! (figuratively and literally lol)
@pansdisease I asked it who or what was shocking me and I didn’t get any answers back. I thought I was in the matrix and my real body was being messed with. I thought it was gonna be my mom so.ce she passed away she frequently makes herself known, but she wouldn’t hurt me so idk!

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