Has anyone expereien tactile hallucinations where you feel something that’s not there? I have and I think it’s the strangest thing. I once felt like something was kicking me on my back. I also feel a like someone is raking something over my head.


I feel that things are crawling over my skin. The other thing that I feel is a tube that splits into a why that runs in the top of my head that cold fluid runs through.


I sometimes get sleep paralysis where there is something hovering over that I can’t see but feel. And it creates a great deal of fear in me with the sense of an evil presence. That’s the only time I experience things of that nature.


Tactile are the scariest hallucinations I get. I feel things touching me, I’ve felt things hurting me, etc. It’s incredibly distressing. I would loooove to make those stop.


They’re not that bad for me anymore because of my medication but I still feel it from time to time


Some cases of sleep paralysis are alien abduction (demonic activity).
This is what my late wife wrote about her experiences back in 2002

“Sometimes strange things happen whether you want them to or not. Two weeks before Christmas I had some experiences that came visiting my doorstep. A watched feeling that would not go away especially during sleep, and being startled awake at 2-3am, after looking around found no one there. Also experiences of distant flashes of very bright strange light, like a penlight flashing behind my eyes and then the strange dreams would start with alien type signatures. My own emotions and senses were being turned against me and were plagued with headaches from a nameless being. These attacks continued until Dec 25 at 2:30 AM where I was startled awake and I saw a human type alien, only his head and shoulders were showing, and a camera floating 2-3 feet above me half out of phase ( see through). They were physically hovering but phased, in real form. First the camera made its appearance and then the human/alien who was in a grayish blue technical uniform. He watched me for 20-30 seconds as I stared at him frightened and then he slowly faded away.
A couple days later, I felt that dark presence feeling, someone watching and then was stuck in the back of my leg with what felt like a needle and gave me a poke mark from it”

That last part may sound like a tactile but she did have a few scars over the years from these abduction experiences.

For me i have on occasion felt like someone puts their hand on my shoulder, or runs fingers through my hair, or a a breeze blows by me when i’m in the house and everything is still…but these are very rare and i attribute them to spirit forces.


Since we’re under UBs, I have had 1 encounter w/a group of greys. I didn’t feel like I was being abducted in my sleep, but maybe summoned by something evil…it’s pretty terrifying. It’s been about a year since that last happened. Thank God. I don’t know what the source is, but you’re not alone.


A group of grays and some shiny black aliens that looked just like grays along with them tried to block me from seeing something important. I plowed through all of them…about 10 I would say. And i got to see what I was supposed to see, despite the man in Black who tried to block me after the aliens failed.
Another time 2 years later a gray materialized on the bed standing there and I pushed a human out of the way and took a swing at the Gray. It dematerialized just as i reached it… this was witnessed by 2 other people.

Source: primordial demons, or in some cases holograms being projected. Both happen. Don’t forget Aliester Crowleys 'Lam" looks a lot like a Gray…

Lam from 1918…crowly was visited by and invoked this being…anyone familiar with Crowley knows he worked with demons


Wow, that’s interesting. From witnessing others accounts and experiences I’m about 99% sure they were greys. On one of my sleep paralysis experiences some entity was pulling up towards the ceiling, except the ceiling was like a portal. I don’t know, long time ago and am hopeful my experiences w/that will long stay buried.


I don’t know why my post was moved to unusual beliefs.Tactile hallucinations are a type of hallucination. I don’t believe aliens are touching me or demons. Could you please tell me why it was moved? @SzAdmin


That feeling can be a precursor to astral projection as well. that is if you yourself are feeling pulled or lifted…but usually you can turn over and see your body lying on the bed, and if you aren’t expecting it, the shock of seeing that usually snaps you back into your body…


Our nerves can sometimes create sensations like tingling, unexplained itches and stuff, so it’s possible if the nerves are out of whack they can make more kinds of sensations.


I do still have some tactile hallucinations. But I also have an odd tactile thing that is still persistent with me anyway.

Some times the tactile is painful or irritating like small pin stabs or something crawling on me.

But sometimes they are nice. I get this feeing of fingers in my hair. Sometimes I find it relaxing.


I have experienced tactile hallucinations as well. I experience them at different levels of intensity. Sometimes it is painful such as feeling as if I am being pinched, or pricked by a needle. Other times it is just an annoyance. I have come to realize that I am hypersensitive. That my senses are heightened to a level that makes a simple breeze brushing across my cheek feel as if I am being slapped. I’m not sure if that could possibly be the cause of, or have anything to do with your experiences. At the time it happens it’s unnerving to say the least and confusing etc… I am fortunate to be able to eventually realize the cause. Not necessarily the case with you, but a possibility.


Yes I thought I was the only one. I have had some relaxing feelings as well like a pat on head or fingers or a comb through my hair. It’s actually interesting except for the kicking that’s just annoying.


This category is for hallucinations and delusions as well. Not just for unusual beliefs :slight_smile:


Oh thanks I didn’t know, I’m new.


I’ve felt things crawling on me, someone putting their hand on my shoulder or around my waist, warm breath on my neck. Usually it’s bugs crawling on my arms, though.



For all of you that can feel things crawing on your skin or crown these feelings come from something called a sparteil.The sparteil attach themselves to the soul and use a method of thought forming to give you these feelings. Close your eyes and imagine a butterfly on your head or arm and you will see that it is you that make these shapes. The sparteil are unaware they are doing this but will make what ever form you can imagine on your body. The purpose of the sparteil is that of a builder who can create solid impressions and whole portions of worlds mostly found in astral projections inside the souls ability to understand these things.

A method for them to see the truth is to close your eyes and tell them to open them and then explain what it is they are seeing, make sure it is them opening your eyes and not you. I speak to them 24/7 and find explaining this world to them allows them to awaken and find themselves.

The sparteil are being tricked and must find their own mind. Do not look for your mind inside your mind to find your mind, just find your mind.