Strange part of my drug nurse session

When I saw the drugs nurse last Friday, she wanted me to cut my usage down to nine pills of codeine a day.

At the time, Mr Turtle was under the impression I was only taking the three pills that he was doling out to me in the morning. I was being deceptive and using more behind his back. A lot more.

The nurse said to me to keep my own stash of pills, take the three that Mr Turtle gave me and then when he was out of sight, top up with my own stash to nine.

She thought it was ok to continue deceiving Mr Turtle?

I didn’t agree with that and I came clean to him and my psychiatrist and we worked out a plan to cut down to seven pills for the day.

It just struck me as odd that she would encourage that deceptive behaviour and essentially encourage my drug use to continue at such a high level when I told her one of my main concerns was that I was on the path to acute liver failure by taking such high doses of codeine and paracetemol mixed together.

I have another appointment tomorrow which I am going to use to gauge whether or not I am really engaging with the service. I mentioned in my last thread on the topic that I don’t really feel like I am connecting with the service.

I have my psychiatrist on board, my partner, and now a psychologist. I’m just not sure the drug nurse service is really for me. Unless she can discharge me to the counselling service they have.

Thanks for reading.

I am guessing that she’s focusing on small steps and didn’t want to push you towards both cutting down and confessing to Mr Turtle at the same time. The most important thing from her pov is helping you succeed, and she wouldn’t want to give you a task right away that might halt your cooperation entirely.

I’m guessing that admitting to Mr Turtle what was up would have come later. But you’re ready and more committed than she probably was expecting, so good for you :green_heart:


Thanks @Rhubot :purple_heart: You helped me understand it a bit better.

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I agree with Rubes…

I think the Nurse was trying to avoid any extra drama for you with your partner while you’re cutting down on the pills. One less stressful thing to deal with for you.