I just handed over half my stash

As the title suggests, I just handed over half my stash of codeine to my partner. The other half is at work.

I had my appointment with the free through work psychologist this morning. It was mostly him taking a history.

But we did work out that instead of taking my full dose to get high in one hit, I would stretch it out during the day.

We also agreed that I would speak with my team leader and try to get an update on whether I will stay with my current team.

I just had a call from ReGen, the drug counselling group. I have an appointment this friday with a nurse who will take me through my withdrawal plan.

I took a big dose this morning and it made me sick. I don’t want to be sick like that at work tomorrow so I don’t think I will get high at work anymore.

All good things I think.

Thanks for reading.


So proud of you, @anon84763962. This will never be easy, but you’re being so brave in taking such difficult steps. I’m really impressed.


Thanks @Rhubot. Your encouragement and kind words mean a lot to me.


Yeah, kicking a drug habit is hard but the rewards of succeeding can be immense. Good luck turtle. Remember, that sometimes you have to put yourself first.


Thanks @77nick77. Tomorrow I am bringing home the rest of my stash to hand over to my partner.

I’m not going to get high only to be sick at work and then have to deal with coming down at work.


now that’s what I call progress. You’re doing awesome Turtle, keep it going

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Thanks @Mouseymoo :slight_smile:

That’s very good turtle! Not wanting to do it it’s a great step!!! You should be very proud of yourself :slight_smile:


Thanks @Minnii I feel really good about being honest and handing over what I had on me.

I’m actually looking forward to my follow up appointment at ReGen this friday with the nurse.

I’m taking steps on the road to recovery!


Quote of the day winner! :smile:


AWESOME!!! What an honour!

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You deserve it dear :heart:´

I went to see my kitten yesterday!!

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When do you get to bring her home?

Next week! It’s the one on the left :slight_smile:


Oh she has grown up so much already! How adorable. Have you picked a name for her yet?

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Yess! Her name is Flash The Elf

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I love it. :slight_smile:

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The nurse who called me to make my appointment with ReGen told me one of the things we will talk about is what my triggers are.

I don’t have a lot of insight into things like what my triggers might be.

What kinds of things do professionals expect to hear when they are talking about triggers?

Today at my free counselling appointment the psychologist said that although I have a stable home life, work is a bit unsteady and unstable for me at the moment and that might be contributing to my using.

But I don’t know. I’m not very good at recognising stress until it’s too late.

I think I use codeine because I like the high, what if I don’t really have any triggers?

My moods are my triggers.

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One of the things that triggers me with alcohol is what they call in AA “euphoric recall”. Try to keep the bad memories of your drug fresh in your mind, and push away the good memories. You’re showing a lot of courage. I hope things keep going well for you.

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