Story of my Life -- Updated with Clarity. My current Theory

Around August 27th 2011, I went crazy in college. Looking back, I think it was a simple alien abduction because I posted “We live in the Matrix”. Ever since that, I’ve been living countless lives in simulations and went sort of insane I think. Insane is a conversial word, but I feel like it. I think it was Dulce Base, New Mexico, an alien facility down there where they ‘do stuff’ to people. They told me: aliens are real, we live in a simulation, and not to talk about the craft I saw in college. I thought there was a huge conspiracy against me and I’ve been getting fake dreams and stuff of other fake lives and stuff that’s confusing me on this very simple issue: I was abducted be grey aliens and basically experimented on and possibly tortured. I thought it was the Illuminati or Shadow Government type stuff, but it’s not. They let Elon Musk and others talk about simulation theory all the time, but I was one of the first to do it. I think. I don’t know if I got it from the tv show “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman” I probably did. But it wasn’t a mainstream idea. Same thing with Nick Bostrom’s paper. He wasn’t even that popular or well known back then. I feel like they took and ran with my idea or even took it and were made famous, while all I got was schizophrenia and suffering and living a horrible, poor life of non-existence.


There’s little to no proof of my existence even online. I think aliens are covering it up. I’ve been living my life sort of on repeat since 2011 with schizophrenia for thousands of iterations of more. Possibly the simulation rebooted itself in 2011 after that post and a cover up insued.


I feel like I’m getting clarity here.

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I even had a dream I originally went there in 2010 at the cooperative a year before this reality because my life was ‘adjusted’ by aliens. Like I swear I came up originally with CCC (Confromal Cyclic Cosmology) and possibly even simulation theory. I don’t know. But I don’t have it anymore. Just some food for thought, I guess.

I really don’t know.

But I think the grey aliens gave me schizophrenia. Nothing I can do about it anymore. I just figure I’d share and vent.

I used to have dinner with an Alien once a week…at my mother-in-law’s house.


Sometimes I feel way more important than I really am. It’s true. I’m a nobody, and I might take a break or lay off the forum for a few days because I feel sort of ‘light-headed’ and sick.

I remember “British rule” in the future (past life) so I often think “they” stole my pinnacle earth works lol. jk. I don’t care. They can have it. But time travel was invovled and pkd had my letter in France in the 1970s. This was all past life stuff.

I probably shouldn’t be saying this stuff because it’s not real and makes me look crazy – super crazy.

I often felt like I went to other realities too frequently all the same kind of crap.

I can remember the edits in the simulation obviously and reality changing but that is just one schizophrenic speaking – mandela effect.

These past lives are previous edits or reboots of the same life or simulation repeating itself indefinitely. I’ve had thousands or more ‘past lives’.

Maybe I just want to be famous and successful – maybe too much lol.

Honestly I’m tired of talking about aliens and it’s technically against the rules here. So I don’t know. I know some of it was real at some time or another. Why dwell on it? Nothing I can do perhaps try to share what I experienced and try to move on.

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Maybe that’s what the existential phenomenon is: a simulation. But you seem to have the old, and french!, psychological affliction of idee fixe. Even if the reality is a simulation as you say, you’re just stagnating repeating the same thing over and over again. This is just like someone preoccupied with death, but instead of saying it ends forever, you’re saying it repeats forever. Boring. I don’t disagree at all, and I prefer thinking of alternate possibilities about existence, but you probably should move past the thought and try to get better. You’re a young smart guy and even if you are not psychotic right now you have some psychological issues to deal with, possibly being obsession with this idea of simulation and other residual beliefs from psychosis.

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I agree. Thank you. Excellent post.

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I read some of this.

you would never have to question if you were ever being tortured, but the hardest thing is people saying getting voices was applied torture.

ahhh, well, no.

fighting for justice is for real. I’m serious as cancer.

I get what you mean about coming up with theories and then later other people share them. I consider it more like a collective consciousness, that humanity as a species is on a certain wave of information and insight. The internet isn’t necessarily the best way to learn or evolve. But it is good to relate ideas sometimes. I would have no idea so many people shared similar experiences to mine if there were no place to post or discuss that stuff.

I use some of my ideas to come up with future stories I will write. My last dream involved teaming up with a Grey Alien to go to save another advanced civilization on a Moon-like Planet across the galaxy and Earth was called Maya…Earth was running war-simulations and it was too late to save, my sister stayed on Maya and told me to go with my new friend and the alien to save the future. I came up with all that in a dream…

It’s possible that you are just being creative. The mind is powerful and misunderstood.

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Ya, I’ll probably never figure it out. Last time I thought it was Mars lol. I can’t remember but woke up with severe, chronic DP/DR and schizophrenia later on. Couldn’t tell if my parents were real or not and family and didn’t recognize them originally.

In all honesty, I have no memory. It’s just guessing and coming up with theories, I suppose.

It’s time to let this rest now.

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