Stopping antipsychotics

Is it true that if I stop invega sustenna I will relapse hard?
Please help me

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia

No one can tell you the answer to that except your doctors…

I sometimes think I can come off them, but it always has ended badly for me

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I heard in a youtube video that you must continue them for life

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Many people do have to do that, but some get away with it

I will be on them for life. Ive had schizophrenia for 18 years. Whether I lowered my dose too much, or tried a med that didn’t work I had symptoms.

Most people will be on them for life. I’ve learned to be okay with that, they keep me well.

I believe @anon4362788 is off antipsychotics, she seems to be managing. You can try to reduce your dosage at first and see if you get symptoms, if not then you can try qutiing and see what happens. But do it under your doctor’s supervision. You might get lucky and not need them.


The reality is that a lot of people do yes. Though not everyone.

I have no good experiences from coming off my meds. Both times I did it I got super depressed and felt hopeless and wanted to take my own life etc.

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yes, it is true. invega decreases specific dopamine pathways. without it your symptons come back

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I stopped my AP twice. Both times I ended up relapsing. And I don’t think the old saying “third time lucky” applies to this situation.