Has anyone stopped invega successfully ?!

I’ve been off invega for 5 months and 1/2 still not being myself a lot of symptoms hits me with waves and negative emotions.

I am just wondering if there was a successful story for encouragement?!

I stopped it, but replaced it with a better med.
Once you need antipsychotics, you most likely need them for life and will only feel worse if you quit

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Maybe you’re right ! I can’t live with side affect it’s too much to bare with it made complete ■■■■■■.
A lot of people succeeded quitting the invega without a problem and some of them faced heavy withdrawals that doctors consider it as a relapse which is most probably.

Yeah i can not stop Invega right now but i am thinking about switching to Abilify Maintena.

The theory is: your brain produces too much dopamine. And you are on dopamine inhibitors.

So imagine you have your foot on the gas and on the brake at the same time. When you take your foot off the brake, what happens?
That is what you’re going through when you stop a medication, esp of you don’t taper it off slowly, as recommended. You should also keep in touch with your pshrink while you do this, though I’m sure you are.

Remember that it will look like a relapse for awhile. I successfully quit Invega, and I had the same reasons; I was too flat to function. Negative symptoms everywhere. A zombie. It took a year or so for that to go away, but I should file the disclaimer that I was tapering UP on another med at the same time (Abilify).

I was able to stop Abilify for awhile, too, with no meds at all. But I was still under care of my pshrink, and my support system knew about it. If my father hadn’t died and the pandemic wasn’t so stressful, I would still be maintaining without meds. But that’s not always possible. I am back on 10 mgs of Abilify, but I plan to one day function without them. And that’s not to say I wasn’t without symptoms. But the symptoms were manageable and I could function.

Therapy was the help. I went through extensive trauma therapy to control anxiety and stress, which both play huge roles for me in my psychosis. It untangled triggers from my schizophrenic brain, and things got easier – even when I’m in psychosis. I should add that this took YEARS before I was able to try going off my meds.

Remember recovery doesn’t mean you’re cured, or that you won’t have symptoms. It just means you’re able to live your life to the best of your ability with a sense of stability. I wish you the best. I hope my story helps you keep hope.

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I had no problems coming off of invega

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I had no problems switching from invega to abilify.

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You will come right eventually ! I thought this med had ruined me for life. Turns out it does leave your body.

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Thank you for sharing your experience which is absolutely right, as per the doctor advice I could come off invega without tapering.
I was ignorant and believed her, I was invega sustenna shot and went down from 100 to 75 then went off and I am still suffering from the withdrawals and I hope I can make it successfully.
I am still on benzo And lamicital as a mood stabiliser.

I hope we all be med free soon.


I went off Invega without tapering. Detoxxed for 6 months and then went on Aristada with no problems. The negatives from Invega were awful and took a while to get rid of.


You’re right side effect is the worst, I am in it trying to survive.
I was in AD withdrawals and had months of insomnia and instructive thoughts and went back again to AD then quit which was the worst decision I took in my life then I crashed into psychosis.
I never was a psychotic person until I got hooked Up to psychiatry drugs.


I crashed into my second psychosis when off medication and reducing antidepressants…. Are you still on aps?

That was the first drug I tried. I’m on ability now and it’s much better for me

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I went from invega shot to abilify pills with no problems.


You Can get off Invega. But if you still have symptoms should ask tour doc to replacie it width another antipsychotic