How should you stop the invega and cipralex

I have been taking invega for 5 years and last time i lowered the dose i started doing bad things from what i understand you need to take it for a very long time but how do you know when you dont need it anymore?

only when you’re doctor instructs you to stop taking it is when you know you need to stop it. for 90% of us that will never happen and we will need to be medicated lifelong. also you cant just stop the meds because it can cause a discontinuation syndrome that is worse than the sz was before starting the meds. they have to be slowly reduced in dosage over time to be able to stop safely

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If 90% cant stop meds is it because they dont have a problem with meds or because they dont have the patience to taper and decrement to the next dose within a long period like 10 years?

If you want off a sudden antipsychotic then give another a try that has less side effects. You se a schizophrenic without antipsychotic is like a man with a broken leg without his walking stick.

it doesnt take 10 years maybe 1 at the most. i think the reason 90% dont quit is because sz is a lifelong illness and they are aware they will relapse if they quit the meds

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