Has anyone quit antipsychotics successfully?

I want to quit and be put on maybe on another antipsychotic, cause its impossible to change meds in my country without relapsing. Invega caused my two psychoses, so lost trust in medication. It is like paddle jacked put on on our brains

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Im wondering the same, after all i might not be schizoaffective.

i tried to stop meds once and i relapsed… not gonna try it anymore.

May I ask how long you’ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia? I’m new to this and my meds don’t seem to be working

like 8 years ago now

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I Wanna hear success stories.

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I’ve asked this question many times and there are no success stories unfortunately.

I managed to come off antipsychotics for 5 months but then relapsed after stress.

Hoping to be able to come off again at some point in the future to.

I’m now on 5mg Olanzapine, having reduced from 10mg against CPN advice over the last two months. Feeling a lot better already on this lower dose.