I notice the ones here who buy into schizophrenia are in "remission"?

Anyone else pick up on this? They act like those of us who believe in telepathy don’t take our meds and smoke crack or something, and if we just listened to everything psychiatry said and “took our meds” and perhaps put down the crack pipe our problems would be over, which is BS in my experience.

I also notice a lot of these people had really absurd beliefs about their voices when they did believe in them, like they were talking to a celebrity like Paris HIlton inside their heads.

I find these types of schizos funny. Like if they start feeling a little foggy or hear some whispers they freak out and call their pdoc in case they have a “relapse.” I live in that world constantly and can handle it, but when they go through it I guess they end up roaming the streets naked or doing something totally crazy. LOL

Cool story



I think it is because they have put no thought in the possibility of what it would mean if there were something to it, so they have no concept of it being a psychological operation when they do believe it and are like a deer in head lights, automatically assuming every thought and feeling they have is their own and just go along with the “program”, also believing everything their voices tell them is true, having no concept they can impersonate or deceive them.

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I think a lot of schizos rather believe they’re hallucinating than believe they were made a fool out of by a master manipulator and pwned. The latter is much more traumatic.

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They’re just on the opposite end of the spectrum… you buy into your delusions fully… simultaneously writing off everyone else’s unless they fall in line with yours.

I kind of do the same thing. There are shitloads more reasons to accept the illness than what’s less traumatic.

It’s basically a waste of time. This illness is a ■■■■■■■ trap man… it’s just getting locked into a shitty life experience… either because of whichever “they” you call “they” want you to be… or because it’s a brain disease.

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Good job calling it a brain disease. I read an article about calling it a brain disease.

Well disease is putting pretty lightly… I’m sure there is some subtle deformity(ies) involved.

Daimon needs to hear that ■■■■ though

It would seem I’m the only ■■■■■■■ one that they do this to… it’s fishy all around whether its an illness or something greater… I want to at least understand it.

Recording my experiences is the next step.

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Well, yeah, put down the crack pipe and all your problems won’t be over. But boy, put down the crack pipe for good and one BIG problem will be over.
I think taking meds and putting down the crack pipe and not obsessing about telepathy sure helped A LOT of my problems. But not all.

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Taking my meds and mostly doing what my doctor has told me to has made me rock-solid stable over the years. So stable that I regularly pass a medical to drive a school bus. I’m also trusted to come into the school to coach archery and mentor students with technology as I’m very proficient with the latter. So I’m not only stable, I’m a highly trusted member of my community. Both the doctor who signs off on my physical and the school officials know of my medical history. In the case of the school, I felt they had a right to know and they let me know they appreciated my honesty.

How is fighting everything working out for you? I would wager the volatility you experience in things like participating in discussion forums (regular posting suspensions) extends into other areas of your life. Enjoying it much?

I wouldn’t say I’m in remission because I have to work on recovery from SZ every day and it will be a life-long thing. My medication will be life-long, too. I’m okay with that because I’m mostly in a good place. Just need to get some $$$ issues sorted thanks to the current poopy economy and things will be perfect again.


If there’s nothing wrong with you @Daimon wny are you posting here? I guess deep down somewhere you realise you’ve got a problem.


You’d think, but I just think he wants to be heard… I wouldn’t want to call him a troll. he sticks to his own threads for the most part.

the phrase “feeding the troll” might apply anyways. I’ve done it. it goes from interesting to infuriating.

Either that or looking for Believers for the Cause.


im living the Irish dream along being in remission

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