Stop think & see

Do you believe we should take recognize in how hard life has mentally been a grieve at night,
For could a personal grievance help settle the days of delusions.
Or actively be the bystander in the multiple of thoughts, by emotionally taking nothing on inwardly

IDK, the dinosaurs became extinct for a reason.

Actually Nick wouldn’t you say Dinosaurs became birds?

And birds are smart whereby dinosaurs were not known to be.

So it’s a story of progress.

Let’s all stay alive and help humanity’s progress!!!

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I try to start and end each day in gratitude for who and what I have, and the life that I have been able to live in spite of the obstacles placed in my path along the way. Attitude of gratitude.



Well, they theorize that some dinosaurs had feathers. But being called a “birdbrain” is an insult.

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We have a crow that frequents our yard we have named Aleister Crowley. We enjoy feeding him (we think it’s a him) and he started bringing us gifts late last year. He’ll disappear with the food, but leaves pennies or buttons or plastic cutlery. It’s cute. He can also recognize my wife and I and will sit in a tree near us and chirp at us when we’re outside. He seems sharp for a bird.


“the crow brain is the same relative size as the chimpanzee brain.”

Well THAT explains some of Aleister’s behaviour!


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