It's not the size of the brain which equals intelligence

But the size of the brain in comparison to the creature…

Birds may have small brains but they are small. So they are smart.

I may be small but I wear a 7 1/2 size hat

Making me smart :slight_smile:

Just heard this on tv found it interesting.

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Apparently elephants have bigger brains than us. Could be wrong, but I think it’s true.

Yeah but there body is much bigger hence why they’re not as smart as us.

Humans are medium sized creatures with large brains.

Most important im sick of hearing the term bird brain…my birds aren’t corvids or parrots (the two most intelligent species of birds) but they’re pretty friggin smart I can tell despite being such tiny creatures with small brains


Crows are super smart. They can also mimic human voice. It’s cool :slight_smile:


Yeah crows are corvids

I have a book called “bird brains: the intelligence of corvids”…also there’s a documentary on YouTube about crows, it’s unbelievable…most remarkable documentary I’ve ever seen

Ravens bluejays and magpies are also corvids :slight_smile:

Oh cool :grinning: I have no clue about birds. I can recognize a few.

@Wave is a bird watcher if I’m not mistaken :slight_smile:


You’re more of a cat person

I’m a bird and a cat person…weird cuz they’re mortal enemies in the animal kingdom (well cats rune supreme over birds) but I love them both.

My cat knows not to go into the room with my birds when I bring em to my parents house. I think he’s “scared” cuz he’s an indoor cat, it’s like a virgin who is offered sex for the first time but just cannot get himself to do it.

My old cat from childhood once killed a beautiful yellow bird and brought it to the doorstep as a present to us, he was so proud.

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That is true for most species because as the creatures get bigger and their brains get bigger, normally their neurons also get bigger. But for apes and humans, the neurons stay the same size. That is one important reason for why humans are so much smarter than other animals. There’s a TED talk that explains this well.


Yeah I kind of figured that if you’re 5 foot 100 pounds, vs. 7 foot 300 pounds…and they have the same brain size, they’d be equal in intelligence capability roughly and it was more about the size of the species rather than the individual.

But regardless I have an above average head :slight_smile:
I got 1870 on my SATs which equates roughly to 130 iq…but after a couple psychotic breaks I was tested to be 120 iq as psychotic breaks often lowers iq (I don’t believe the theory that every psychotic break lowers your iq by 10 points, it’s less than that TYPICALLY but nevertheless does make your neurons fire more poorly)

Who knows maybe ants are a genius

I always wondered how ants were so smart…it’s cuz their neurons are smaller so they have more of them

If you follow an ants behavior closely you will realize they are quite intelligent

Maybe they are very smart but don’t get credit cuz how small they are

Flies on the other hand…are friggin stupid

Yes , everything is relative, intelligence is generally the size of the cereberal cortex relative to the mid brain.

I hear women with smaller brains have more intellectual capabilities than men with the same size brain. Hence why women and men have roughly same iqs…despite men having bigger brains on average.

Although I think men tend to have more of an upside of iq, while women tend to have more members of the 90-110 iq range. While men have more outliers…maybe I’m wrong though.

Another metric would be relative size of the cereberal cortex to the brain itself (mid + hind)

Women’s iqs are like 3 pts less than men on average (104 vs 101), but the test is biased towards men…so I think we have roughly the same iq…I learned this in my women’s studies class in college

But iq isn’t everything

Look at Andy Warhol

He had the iq of the high temperature outside today…and look at all the success he had

Damn I’m full of fun facts today

for intelligence connection and thickness of brain matters rather then VOLUME…???

Crows and ravens are my favorite birds.
A group of crows are called a “murder of crows” rather than a flock of crows (I have no idea why).

There is a really good PBS Nature documentary on crows


A group of owls is called a parliament of owls.

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A South African gray parrot has the intelligence of a five year old child :sunny:

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