Stop somoking, its really hard help me please

hello, it’s really hard to quit smoking … I have decreased the amount in half, I smoke only 20 now but the vice and the desperation to smoke are still there. This is bringing me many problems and I do not know how to stop. probe with patches but they have not worked … I smoke one behind the other, I have also tried cold turkey and I left it for almost a month but the desperation for a cigarette was there, I needed one. someone has advice or recommending some medicine to stop smoking. I do not know if my paranoid schizophrenia makes me smoke a lot or because but I’m tired of smoking. I smoke from 18 now I have 29 get to smoke 40 cigarettes per day. I do not know how to stop, when I left him with cold turkey he had made me aggressive.

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Have you tried an electronic cigarette, it really helps me.

Man I’m with you. I’m quiting tommorow morning
Tonight I feast. I’ve done it four times cold turkey

What’s the longest time you’ve went when you got off them?

I think 6 months but I got bored

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6 months is impressive Man I’ve tried like 5 times and couldn’t go that long until I stopped caring about smoking or not smoking, and just ended up smoking one and then bam back too it

was over the hook one time after like 7 days, kind of like knew it in my head that it was finally going to be done with
Sad enough ended up drinking the next night, and well a smoke to go with that drink😔

Maybe I’ll make it like a New Years resolution to try again.

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It’s hard to quit. I keep trying everyday for many months but get nowhere. I did manage to quit for the first 6 months of the year though.

Have you ever tried the gum? I smoke but I use the gum when I can’t go outside to smoke.

i just broke my lighter and never bought another one. Just inconvenience yourself

I stop smoking between cigarettes, but that’s about as good as it gets.

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If you are trying to come off of anything, and it is too hard, you are not reducing the amount in small enough increments. Coming off of substances entirely and pain free takes a LOT of time. If cutting half was too much, cut it by a quarter next time. Do this for a week. Then go to a half for a week. Continue the pattern until you’re smoking barely nothing then quit. If you find going down to the next step is too hard you maybe didn’t give it enough time on the previous lower amount or it was too big a step. Adjust.

Cold turkey dropping is very unlikely to be successful.

read a lot of articles/ information about how people managed to quit smoking,
A very high percentage did it cold turkey, just decided to stop
Cutting down or back on them showed a smaller percentage of success/didn’t work,
Along with therapy and other things had smaller success rates.

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