Quitting smoking?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has quit smoking I’ve read that it can be harder for a person with a mental illness to quit-especially with sz. Has anyone here successfully quit and how?

In the process. I’ve read that some people were able to just quit cold turkey and make it. I’m tapering down. I was at two packs, then one pack, then half, then 5 cigarettes, on and on and now I’m down to two a day.

I’m hoping to cut to one a day starting in june. Then none.

Other’s have more luck with the e-cigs and gum and stuff.

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Awesome @SurprisedJ thanks for your help!

I have decided to stop abusing nicotine. I do not want to have any nicotine gum any longer.

Ecigs have gotten me off of cigarettes, that is something that took a long time. I feel healthier at least but I should probably drop the ecig as well. As a schizo with nothing to do smoking helps me relax and kill time its a very difficult thing to quit

@mjseu-I would like to do the same. Good luck. @BryanAshley-I know what you mean I feel the same way. E-cigs are hard for me to smoke though. I tried them a while back ago. Were they hard for you to smoke at first also?

The first ecig I bought was a bit of a pain. It had poor vapor production then I switched to V2 cigs. MY friends all claim that its harsh and the vapor is to hot. One compared it to smoking a cigar. I don’t really notice any of that though I may have just gotten used to it. I can’t remember having any difficulties with V2 cigs.

@BryanAshley ok thanks so much for the advice.

The only thing that lasts more than a day is

I was thinking of trying hypnosis, but I am afraid that my voices will act up while I’m under and screw up my brain worse that it’s screwed up now.

I quit smoking cold turkey. Then I was nicotine free for 6 years and started on snus. I’ve stopped snus twice, when I became pregnant. Now I have cut down to one third package a day. My intention is to quit. But it is hard. I need it when I get anxious.

I know the anxiety is killer and its so easy to keep abusing if you consider it that.

i want to want to quit i said id give up at 30 i did for 2 moths then i got depressed a sneaked some off my boyfriend this is something i think i just have to do but keep putting off goodluck everyone.

it has taken me 2 years to get where i am now…i don’t smoke anymore,but in january i went nuts and smoked a pack in one day…it is SO HARD…i haven’t had any since then…i hope it lasts…my brain went “smoke,smoke…smoke”…and i couldn’t take it anymore…i hope you have better success than me…sending you good wishes…