Still single

idk why but yeah ‘i’m still single’

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I am also single, and I haven’t got any problem with that!!
If you are seeking a relationship, I wish you success, and you can approach me with a PM for advice.


i cant talk to just one person about this, its such a wide subject, i need to talk to everyone about it

i’ll be so disappointed if i cant meet someone or if someone doesnt meet me, its depressing

Try to find a relationship.
Go on dating websites.
Go on social networks.
Try to approach people in real life and ask to be in a relationship with them.

I only ask you not to be aggressive, do not ask the same person more than once to befriend you and certainly

don’t use threats, violence and manipulation.
Good luck!


thanks chess, i would never do these things tbh its totally against my nature :slight_smile:

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I’m not interested in women, unfortunately. I’m not interested in having friends, really. I only have one friend. That’s enough for me.

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I’ve been married before. I can say with surety that I never want to get married again. Right now I don’t even want a relationship. If it wasn’t for sex I would never seek a relationship with a woman ever again.

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You don’t know why?

Its because you don’t put yourself out there and because you don’t have realistic expectations.

You want some hottie in her early twenties and you won’t pay for a decent dating site,

Get real.

You can meet people,

Its just going to take more than free apps.

I’m frankly tired of hearing you moan and groan about being single.


Try “bumble” . You need a facebook account. And you might have to pay.

I found he’s lack of woman attention similar to mine.We can’t take over the city,and don’t want prostitutes.Man with illness are far less confident then women with illness.

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I’m okay with being single. At this point I’ve realized I need to improve my life if I want to offer someone a good life. I don’t have much to offer right now. Maybe later on, maybe never again, but I’m okay with that. My focus is improving my life. I have a list of things I want to achieve.


Don’t worry daydreamer. There are plenty of websites that could help you find a relationship.

Weird science 151515

Keep on keepin on. I aint been in a relationship in years but at the same time im really not looking for one. Im just letting life take its course. If it happens great if not eh whatever :joy: yo being single is not the end of the world enjoy the freedom

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I’m still single, soooooooo ladies no pushing and shoving, just form a orderly line :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sort of single right now. I’m living in one place and Mrs. Pixel is in another for the next year. Stressful. (Career reasons, not a divorce or separation.)


Thanks guys, I’ve tried paying for dating sites with no luck, and I’ve been trying to get out there but it feels like there is no-one left

I want to meet someone and have a couple of children, it’s my plans but they are unfulfilled, gives me a heavy heart

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I’m single but i’m always searching


I’m single. It’s nice. Sometimes I think I would like a relationship but still have some baggage to dispose of first.


Same here. I wasn’t cut out to be in relationships.