Are you single?

are you single and what age are you
I am 42 on Friday and I am single


I was for much of a year though

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Happy birthday Shellys, :slight_smile: I’m single, and 29.

I’m 31 and I’ve been single for about a year now, out of a 4 year relationship. I have to say: I’m kinda liking it!





I’ve never had a partner from my knowledge. The only one I ever had was possibly a hallucination or my psychosis covered up the real person who hurt me.

I want a partner, I just don’t know how to get one and I fear getting one, that all they would want in the end was sex when all I want to do is cuddle and emotional intimacey. I wouldn’t want sex until I actually felt like I had a libido or ready, I’ve never been randy I’m 21 I should have been randy in puberty but I never was. Maybe because of symptoms though but now, on meds, I still don’t feel it and I fear sex anyway with a venegnce due to what I thought or did go through when I was younger.

This is a long post to a very simple question but it’s a complex issue for me anyway.


I am never single for I am haunted…

but yes I’ve been single going on five years now…ever since I went to an all male dual diagnosis treatment program for some reason. But these long periods of being single seem to be a pattern in my life and are only getting longer as I get older. At least I dated a lot in my mid 20’s. I fell in love at the age of 14 so I have that excuse for not really dating.

would like to rediscover love at some point in my future but it certainly didn’t happen in my 20’s. I don’t like people very much either so this complicates things…

at least I have my little ghost…as much of a bitch as she is.

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I am 26 and engaged … well hopefully will continue to be engaged … this self harm is getting out of hand and it might cost me my relationship. New Dr appointment on Monday.

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Im 25 and single. It kind of sucks to be in my condition. So disconnected and out of touch. I’m getting better and I am hoping that at some point I’ll meet another decent lady. @Dante13 I’ve got a lot of that ■■■■ going on also. Risperidone has killed my libido. Made me a very confused panda. I was always randy in my teens though. I do get performance anxiety when it comes to sex.

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Pray for one…for real. Because God knows who is best. And that will include what you mention about cuddling and emotional…
Trying to look on your own, or to get one, or looking for a date and hoping maybe something will work out does not seem to work, or doesnt work very well.
People “look” in all the wrong places too, and often someone might cross your path unexpectedly and in an unexpected place. You have to be watchful for that, and if you meet someone see if you connect right off. If you are trying to force yourself to please someone or are struggling trying to communicate because you cant understand each other, then its not really meant to be in the first place.


this is true…it’s often who, when and where you’d least expect it.

but it doesn’t always happen right off the bat, my second love and I, while we immediately sat down and spoke for hours, didn’t experience the “click” until a good while of spending time together. But then perhaps I am speaking of the moment that the true “magic” began rather than merely “clicking”

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I think there is the click or initial connect, then there is the big one where you just know. You can sort of get a false positive on the click if you happen to be talking about one or 2 things of common interest…but then later realize that’s all there was and not anything else.
When it flows from the first time and just goes on and you realize everything is connecting, then you can know.
Plus there are those unseen things too, not just things in common…like synchronicity where you will call or email each other at exactly the same time, or say the same word, finish each others sentence, be thinking about the same subject and then end up telling each other
And even when close like cuddling there will be very minimal or no elbowing each other or bumping heads accidentally, or other awkward physical phenomenon…LOL
that should just flow naturally too…

And for me, the 11:11 sign too

Oh my!

I’m single…I have a tough taste in guys… :slight_smile:

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32 Single, I’ll be 33 August 3rd. And no doubt I’ll probably be single then too.

bumped into a woman at a reunion last summer, the only person I’ve ever been “on a date” with in my life really. I took her snow shoeing in the forest at night in the winter of 07 or 08. We sort of cuddled but never even kissed. Anyway, at the reunion she was very warm and receptive offering hugs of both greetings and goodbye. We exchanged numbers but I think neither of us could bring ourselves to call.

she has also has schizophrenia. I’m hoping we meet again at some point. It seems a little strange to call a year later though…

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I have been a single over 14 years.

Wha? 11 numbers…or just 7 if its local. But a year? If it was someone you were interested in why didn’t you call that day or next day at latest? Unless you are both someone who has a hard time talking on the phone…
Hey if ya got the number why not go ahead and call? Just see what she’s up to…certainly can’t hurt. Just don’t expect anything and see where it goes.
I called someone once I hadn’t seen in 12 years…talked for only maybe 10 minutes, but it was cool…wasn’t trying to get back with her or anything…

I had female “friends” during my 20s and early 30’s - I messed around here and there and hung out a lot - I even did the marriage thing for a while, now I am divorced and single. Not looking for marriage, not even actively looking to find a gf or partner - if it happens so it does. Relationships can destabilize me Im sure -

I am 52 and single, I guess I should say “divorced” as of almost 8 months ago…I tried dating frantically because I thought that would help me get over my ex, but have now decided to be celibate and just mourn for a while over my ex, whom I talk to every day on the phone…I doubt I will ever date again…I make impetuous decisions about my relationships and then regret it for being in a relationship…I just pray that one day I will see what to do…mainly I’m confused as a divorced man…

I’m single and ready to mingle…

I am enjoying this freedom. I was in a long term relationship in my late teens and early twenties. It did not end well. I want someone with whom I am equally yoked.

I’m 29.

I am single,24,never ever been in a relationship before,I need to be healthier mentally and push my personality to be better before I can be in a relationship but if someone would be willing to be my GF and if she us suitable I would gladly and happily accept it