Still single

I just need to be loved :unamused:

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Do u have a doggie? You’ll be loved right there. Not what you meant but just my opinion.

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maybe get a pet. they will love you always. just take good care of them

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How can you be single?
I can’t believe that
You are awesome

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My mother joined a dating site for a while. This was about 20 years after my parents divorced; she had never dated. She would try to talk to men, but none responded to her. There was an inordinate amount of women as compared to men, so the men could have their pick of the ladies. I think she was on eHarmony. She eventually met someone through craigslist (I totally vetted the guy- I was so nervous about it), and he turned out to be the nicest man. That was the only person she dated since the divorce, and they ended up getting married.

It is my understanding that there are often more women than men on the pay sites.


Hey man I’m single… finding someone just gets too looking more and more difficult the more I try.

I met dozens of girls at this point… a whole lot of them liked me… but also none of them were interested. lol…

Who cares though… I’m glad to not be putting up with one in close proximity… there is the potential for totally different values structures and levels of awareness/maturity…

I’m pretty to be one of those folk who can hold his own in various social realms… going out alone and making friends out of nowhere and whatnot… There is a jealousy/dissapointment complex in some folk and I really want to avoid that… nothing worse for me personally than having to resent my skillset at the end of the day… resent myself and my ambitions… just because a close peer can’t match them and they wind up dissapointed.

I had a relationship in my past and it was 90% just her being dissapointed in who she was… total insanity… I tried to help for years but she always just wanted more. All I was was a band aide.

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@shellys12 thanks i needed that :slight_smile:

if there are then i must not have been their type, i got no replies, i tried okcupid for a year, eharmony and zoosk, i’ve been on tinder and pof, tried bumble, its not going great for me lol.

i’m supposed to be getting my mums dog when she gets matched with her guide dog. i think pets are ok but i need more love than they can offer, i think i give my mums dog more love than she gives me even though she is a very loving dog

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last night i went to my friends house and played games with her daughter, my friend and i then watched disenchantment which is a funny cartoon by Matt Groening, was funny as hell,

anyway i asked my friend if she’d like to go somewhere with me on a trip but she wasn’t really into it and said i’d probably annoy her :frowning:

its the closest i get to a woman these days is watching netflix lol

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God I will probably die alone as I think girls are all talking about me to each other telepathically

Makes it hard to get a girfriend

There is nothing wrong with being single. All that matters is if you are happy or not.
You know the saying, other cannot make you happy( or others are not responsible for your happiness). You have to figure out what makes you happy/content with yourself before you can get into a relationship.
As long as you feel fufilled with good friends or family I wouldn’t be sweating it.
Yes it is nice to be in a relationship but things will happen when they happen, you can’t force this.

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