Still Isolated

My trip to the hospital last March gave me a lot of exposure to others with my illness and I liked everyone most of the time. Since coming home I’m back to my old ways of staying indoors, I rarely see anyone and when I do it’s just a cashier. My family all live far away. I am friendless. I have a library a block away but usually I’m too ill to go or too sleepy from a mixed up schedule. It’s too hot now to go out in the day, sometimes I take walks in the morning, my meds make me sensitive to heat and light. I don’t care for zoom. I need a friend and I’m not anti social, I just don’t know how to treat people. I need another chance. The hospital was so hard and crazy, people often screamed and the psych techs acted like they didn’t give a damn about you and took it personal when you got angry and told you that you were a bad person. It’s easier here alone but I’ve got to do something quick! And I will add most of my hospital experiences have been easier.

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