Still in the hospital update

Still here, my pulse has been around 100bpm resting,and blood pressure normal. When I stand up my pulse increases dramatically. They took away the mirtazapine and decreased my buproprion and now im on 75mg of metropolol. Don’t know if the will let me go today or not.


Hope you get well soon.


Thats really scary i hope the change in meds solves this

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I saw my primary care doctor in my heart rate was about 125.

I told her I have a heart rate checker at home and it’s usually under 100 but she doubled my Metoprolol to 50mg twice daily and it has lowered my heart rate by about 10 to 15 bpm so far and it’s really helping.

She did a EKG and checked for something called Afib and said everything was OK

Before I started medication I had a really low resting heart rate and was very athletic. But now I need the medication and I also need medication for the medication side effects of tachycardia

My resting pulse was usually in the 90s and would normally stay under 100.

I hope you get things sorted out and can return home with things under control.

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Hope you feel better soon.:pray:t4:

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