Resting Heart rate keeps getting higher

Recently I’ve noticed that my resting heart rate has gone up by about 20 beats, I used to have a decent resting heart rate of 65 and now just in the past three weeks it’s kept on climbing. It’s at 84 now and I am starting to get worried. If anything my resting heart rate should be going down because I’ve started running 4 days a week.

Anyone know of what medication might be causing this? I have been taking(up until yesterday) Abilify, Geodon, Benztropine, Klonopin, Lithium and Seroquel. I’m currently tapering off Abilify and starting on Vraylar. I was curious if it was the Ability because that was new to me just a month or so ago. Thanks for anyones input.

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whats yo bp 1515151515151

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ive been getting very slight minor chest pains…it doesn’t really concern me but my voices told me to stop taking sertraline, an ssri which may be causing me angina (minor heart pain to do with blood flow…

I got an ecg done and they said there was no problem with the heart. I jog too daily…

im not worried about the problem but I fear my pdoc may reduce my anti psychotics…im on 800mg quetiapine and 20mg olanzapine…I was also on 50mg of sertraline but my voices told me to stop that

should I tell my pdoc about this but im afraid they will reduce my anti psychotics and I think I will go mad again


Last I had it done it was 115/72 I believe that was about a month ago

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I don’t know which of your meds could be causing it, but I just got a new prescription for Propranolol, a beta blocker to reduce anxiety by calming my heart rate. Might be something to talk to your own pdoc about? Good luck and sorry I can’t help more.

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Discuss your health concerns with your doctor.
Geodon sometimes causes heart issues.

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I had the same thing on Chlozapine. Now my medication has changed to Lurasidone my heart rate is quite healthy. Ask your doctor they should know that.

Talk to your dr. Plz. We aren’t drs. Sorry just I have heart issues and know some stuff but really ask Dr. Get an ekg, and if super worried get a Kardia. You can do 2 leadvekgs from home. Not trying to caus a panic but you’ll get peace of mind

When I was taking clozapine my heart rate was 130 bpm at rest. They speak of tachycardia when your hart rate is above 100. As you are below that you shouldn’t be too worried, but it never hurts to do a check up with a cardiologist.

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