I Need Your All's Advice

Hey, everybody. I’m having trouble and could use some advice from whoever can help.

I’ve been having paranoia about the food supply again and haven’t really been eating much. I didn’t think it was too much of a problem until I weighed myself this morning and found out I’ve lost 19 lbs. in 2 weeks. I see my pdoc on Thursday and am afraid she will use the “gravely disabled” criteria to hospitalize me. It’s not that I’m not hungry, I think about food all the time, it’s just I’m afraid the food supply has been tampered with.

If I could just eat, I would, but the fear is bigger than the hunger. Also, the other night I put a knife on the stove burner then burned the top of my hand with it but I don’t know WHY, I just felt it had to be done.

I would appreciate any advice on how to deal with these things (preferably not involving the hospital). Thanks, guys…

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I understand not wanting to go to the hospital,

But right now, you’re a danger to yourself.

You need to go.


Hi try to eat even if it’s just a bowl of cereal, Go grocery shopping with someone so you don’t feel like it’s tainted.

I get that going to a hospital might be scary or even feel like admitting defeat, but sometimes it’s necessary.
You deserve the best help you can get, and if that help is received through hospitalization, don’t deny it just because you’re scared or have some strange idea of what it might be like


That’s the problem, I know all too well what the hospital is like, I was there NINE times in 2017. I don’t want to be considered one of their “problem” patients, you know? I really want to fix this myself.

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Don’t go to the hospital if you don’t need to they overmedicate you best to stay at your place If you have own

I find when I’m having food issues I try to eat a lot of crackers and such cause I can inspect them to see if they’ve been tampered with. But also I think you might need an adjustment my dude.

Force yourself to eat, if the fear is too strong then there are no alternatives to hospitalization…


Even if I eat now, I can’t avoid getting weighed at the pdoc’s. She wouldn’t believe me if I just told her that I was eating. I wouldn’t believe me, either. I guess I will have to simply accept that I’m going in the hospital and that I can go in voluntarily with dignity instead of the usual kicking and screaming. Maybe they can give me those nutrition drinks so I won’t have to eat. Anyway, thanks for responding guys. I appreciate your input.
I just hate, cuz of my history, that they’ll put me on the secure unit.


@WhiteRaven sorry you’ve spent so much time in the hospital. FWIW, I’ve been told that if a person goes in voluntarily it goes better for them.

Yes, maybe extra calorie Ensure and such would help you a lot right now.

Please take care!

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Its really tough when this stuff happens. I can relate as of quite recently. I did amphetamine (note: old prescription, was a therapeutic dose, was trying to help neg symptoms) and it was horrible. Voices, black outs, staring at a wall for hours not understanding what to do or how to control my body. I hate the hospital too, but I managed to conclude I’m not safe to be around. For myself and others. So I drove to the hospital when I sobered up and am still in it right now two weeks later.

I just want to point out, I did it to myself because I took drugs like an idiot. You didn’t, you don’t deserve to be going through this and I know it can be scary or uncomfortable, but you need help. In my humble opinion id suggest going to the hospital now.

Maybe I’m wrong, either way, I’m sorry this is happening to you. Be safe.

@WhiteRaven ,

This may be helpful:


Losing 19lbs in 2 weeks is very unhealthy, ru sure there wasn’t an error? Especially on abilify AND seroquel you are not likely to lose weight. Early in the course of my treatment with both drugs my weight could fluctuate down, later on when the meds kicked in I gained 50lbs and couldn’t stop eating. What I’m saying is maybe the issue will work itself out over time.

Anxiety definitely worsens your paranoid thoughts and clouds your judgement. I suppose you could benefit from a hospital stay. Please trust your medical team, they really want to help you. Food deprivation and self-harm are serious concerns. Your mind needs to get out of this muddy pond. Meds, therapy and support will help you.
We are with you. Stay strong! :pray:

Don’t discourage people from getting the help they need because of your personal opinions and experiences.
You might have felt overmedicated in the hospital, whether it was necessary or not, it doesn’t mean they purposedly overmedicate everyone. And it’s a dangerous thing to make others think they do

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