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My neighbor is out to wreck my life. I pounded on the ceiling four times with a broom in 1 1/2 years. I’ve occasionally cussed him out and scared both him and the other psycho twin. He’s a huge mean guy, meaner than my last roommate who was cruel and way meaner than any of my friends growing up. He’s a huge guy but a felt enough courage to fight him. And I don’t mean I worked up courage for five days and confronted him. Just from a dead rest I realized, hey, I would fight him this second whether I was scared or not with my bad back and all.

But I didn’t. I don’t know if I was scared of jail or getting kicked out because there is a 100% chance that those two things will happen if we get into it.

But I’ve yelled some very mean things to him. You would have to be a piece of mud not to have your feelings hurt from what I said.

Fu*ck it, I don’t regret any of the stuff I did, even if he keeps up what he’s doing though they destroyed me last night. And I thought this morning he would man up and let the matter rest But he’s doing some really inappropriate stuff and threatening me. I’m not going to explain to anyone on this site how you can hear a neighbor through a wall and how he can threaten me in his own apartment through the ceiling. My psychiatrist knows and that’s all I need to know and I don’t care about anyone’s opinion unless it’s an opinion who knows what I’m talking about and backs me up… It’s me and my psychiatrist against the world, lol.

I am sorry for going on like this. But this is a nice place and so much more peaceful than when I lived downtown. I want to stay. The neighbors next door are decent I guess, I don’t se them much. The contrast is like night and day and I am even looking forward to my new roommate moving in. She has to take care of some business before she moves in. She works so she will be out of the house often because even if I like her, it’s still nice to have an apartment to myself, and she will not have a lot of visitors. She seems pleasant and responsible.

I’ve worked for 40 years, I’ve lived in a dozen cities in my life, I’ve been far away from home in hospitals, I’ve been put in four points three times (I learned my lesson right after the first time but they didn’t learn theirs and hence, two more times, lol). I did the addiction thing for four years until I got clean in AA, I’m nice most of the time, I’ve been in several concerts with crowds of thousands of people, I’ve traveled a little, I’ve shared tiny rooms with roommates before, I’ve lived in close quarters with women, I spent most of the eighties in hospitals and group homes. Now is my time to be left alone and to contemplate about my past life and to relax and think about people I know or who I have worked with in the past or the homeless people on the corner and try to figure out what they’re all about and what makes them tick.

I’m tired but I’m still up for a little drama in life, lol. I’m not out of the game quite just yet. No more crack or hookers or cops anymore, lol. But I still can find life exciting.


Dang dude, I hope I can have an exciting life too. But I feel like I’m gonna have a pretty boring life once I get stable.

Hey, being bored is fun too. It’s a luxury I didn’t have through many years of my illness. I don’t miss all the endless crisis’s or changing jobs all the time.

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