Starting to drive


I’m a little fearful about getting behind the wheel, with my illnesses. Did any of you have problem driving or concentrating on the rode?


i had to get glasses and that helped a lot


No, but when I got behind the wheel for the first time, I ran over a squirrel. Since then I’ve run over a raccoon and 2 birds. I try to avoid roadkill as much as possible. I came to a screeching halt once to help a turtle get out of the road. Oh, I also ran over a Western Diamondback (snake), but those suckers are venomous. Anyway, roadkill aside, I found great liberty in driving myself around and not having to rely on others anymore. My concentration is not an issue. Stay safe and buckle up, chrisjjack!


For a long time I only drove with someone else in the car with me, really recently Ive been driving alone, mainly town driving but it feels good for me to do this.


ok first of all I would learn in an automatic it costs a bit more per lesson but no annoying hill starts etc just goo like a go cart.
also if you take anti phsycotics take them after your leason not before.


I sometimes miss the turn I was suppose to take.


I do get absent minded a lot of times, but once you get a hang of it you’d simply perfect it, good luck


I have trouble with driving. I don’t like to drive long distances. I get the “what if” syndrome. “What if I wreck?” “What if I break down?” And I have trouble concentrating but some good caffeine and nicotine takes care of that.


I remember when I first learned to drive. Was with my mom and I was driving on the wrong side of the road and a car was coming towards us. She was freaking and I was like “Why are you freaking and why are they are on the wrong side of the road”. Oops…


personally no i actually find driving relaxing, having said that when tired once i saw a crocodile on the road which we do have in this country but not near me !
but i would say go for it and there is nothing to be afraid of, driving is fun.
the thing is not to believe you are being followed which is a common one for me, i know it is rubbish but it still crops up !
take care