Scared to drive now

I haven’t driven my car since 2015. I’ve been going through medication problems and recently horrible, intense risperidone withdrawl for 2 years. The last 6 months have been scary medication problems where my brain got ultra sensitive to anything and everything sends me into a scary lengthy crisis. It’s been like a long and painful bad trip. I got car insurance and am gonna run the old gas out. It still drives, but now I’m scared of traffic. I don’t know if it was the horrible problems or because I haven’t driven in so long but now I’m scared.

Is there anyone with a license who can practice driving with you in the neighborhood streets @friscokid12 ?

Is there side streets you can practice on? Could you afford a few lessons? Here for one hour lesson is $30. My kids really did great with the lesson.

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Yes, I live with my parents and my mom will go out with me. Maybe if I stick to the neighborhood long enough and get comfortable again I can start going further out. I cant imagine being ok going across town.

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That’s what I did with my driving. I started in the neighbourhoods and slowly went to the streets. You become accustomed to it and it becomes really easy.

I read the dmv driving manual. I think my mom will be enough support while I’m driving. I wonder if hypnosis would help but I don’t want to spend that much.

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You can try “Guided Meditations” on YouTube, they are a form of hypnosis.

See if there’s a local instructor with one of those special two driving wheel cars. Its important that you feel comfortable driving.

I haven’t drove in a long time today I drove around town just to get my confidence back and it worked I feel much better about taking my test Friday a lil practice will definitely shake the rust off

That’s good to hear. Yeah I’m hoping practice will go a long way

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Ok I’ll look into that!

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