Starting Sertraline (Again)

I was on these a couple of years ago.

Now I am starting this and hopefully my posts here might cheer up a bit if it works.

My apologies to everyone if I have been triggering and negative recently.

Maybe if this works things might get better.

I explained to the pdoc just now that my life to date has been an absolute car crash, and it has left me feeling so defeated


Hope it works for you. I was on 200mg for over 10 years, and all i can say i was ruddy impulsive on the stuff, never mind the metallic taste in the mornings. Did not do a jot for my mood - swear they were placebos.

You need cheering up tho fella - youve had alot on your plate lately.

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That’s what we are here for. Support, no matter if you are up or down.

Hope the med helps!


Thanks @SethTheNew & @ZombieMombie

Fingers crossed!

I was a bit hesitant about adding yet another med, but the psychiatrist just said people are complex biological organisms or something. Not really sure If that accounts for what I need to take, but I have no better options


Just been on the phone to the CPN. They looking to up my paliperadone jab. Meh. I normally go down in the last week its due anyway. And the “drinking issue” cropped up as usual.

I personally dont need anti-depressants. The best “drug” for me would be a loving missus and a family i could look after. Thats what would sort this mad bugger out lol.

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I feel this kinda thing is so out of reach.

Everything has been such a battle to get through different issues, and now it seems like the storm is over but the boat has sunk

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don’t worry, we don’t judge you if things go down a bit for a while… we all have such periods. I know i can relate for sure.

I hope the med change helps you out =)

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Well i live in hope anyway. lol.

My boat got sunk years ago ha.