Starting Seroquel today

50mg twice a day, I just took my first half an hour ago, I feel sleepy

I’ve taken Seroquel in combination with Geodon for over ten years. 400 mg Seroquel X 2 daily; 80 mg Geodon X 2 daily. Other than the ceasing of symptoms, I can’t really tell I’m taking these drugs. They do slow me down a little physically, but that’s probably also due to age. I’ve heard that some people struggle with the side effects from these drugs, but not me.

Seroquel helps me sleep through the night.

Without it I’m up every 30 to 60 minutes.

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I took a 50 mg dose and fell asleep immediately :expressionless:

I take Seroquel on emergency occasions to sleep 50mg IR. knocks me out.

That’s what I have, and they expect me to take the ■■■■ twice a day? I’m not going to function at all

Ouch! They say you adjust, but that is going to suck. I tried Geodon the other day and that was like Seroquel light to me. I took 40mg and passed out. Woke up, feeling weird in my brain and still hearing ■■■■. People take that twice a day too!

Yo dude, that is exactly what just happened to me. I’m still seeing ■■■■, but it’s different now, it has the sense of definition rather than the usual sense of delirium

My psychosis is more auditory ■■■■. So I can’t relate to visual stuff. I take haldol .5mg usually and that quites stuff down.

It sucks, very few can.

I crashed my car because of my visual hallucinations though. :confused:

It’s frustrating, more than anything. It’s not scary, I just feel stupid and dulled and I can’t function

If these meds knock me out again i’m not taking another one, because that’s ■■■■■■■■.

How is it working out for you @MisterWaffles?

I told my nurse i’d rather not be on anything than seroquel, so were trying trilafon tomorrow

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Its a small dose , do you take it with something else

I don’t get how some people only take a bit and they knock out instantly. I was prescribed 600mg of Sero before sleep and it takes 1 to 2 hours for the effects to kick in. And even with that I still get the annoying tactile hallucinations.

Hope you find the right meds. I been unmedicated since July, but it’s starting to get difficult dealing with the voices and manipulation. I sometimes can’t hear what I think…gets crazy.

Years ago, I took 750 mg of Seroquel a day, and it was a drag. Now I take 100 mg of Seroquel and 4 mg of Risperdal.

Hope this med help you,:sunny:️:sunny:️