Starting Sarcosine, What dose do you take?

I am going on day four at about 1.5 mg a day.

What is your dosage and how long have you been taking Sarcosine?


I started with .5g, or 500 mg. After a few days, I increased to 1g, or 1000mg, then after a week I increased to 2g, or 2000 mg. That dose works for me. Any more and I start getting a little manic. But people take up to 4g or 4000 mg.

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I’d love to take sarcosine, but I’m afraid of prostate cancer.

I’m currently taking 3 scoops every morning.

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Thats what stopped me for so long to try it.

I dont think there is evidence it causes prostate cancer, I searched alot about this.

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I take it each scoop is around 1000mg or 1 gram which is what they said each full scoop of mine should be.

How long have you been taking Sarcosine?

About nine months.

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I have tried different amounts, from max of 5 scoops sometimes 6 scoops a day, to 2 scoops a day. Here’s what I found:
You might feel a little impatient at 5 scoops a day. I would be filled with enthusiasm, energy, but a little too much energy and not enough patience!

Have a super stressful job that requires patience and doing things slowly? Try 2 scoops at first. I worked with a vulnerable population, so I couldn’t have that irritable, impatient thing when I was on max doses (wasn’t always irritable, but I didn’t want to risk it).

First time, I took like 2 or 3 scoops, then lowered it to like 1.5 scoops twice a day instead of all at one go. Been on it since like February 2016, but a few months off I’ve been broke and forgetful about re-ordering it.

When I first started, I noticed a huge difference, see the quote below, but I don’t know if everyone gets that or if most people have to wait the full 3 months to get a noticeable effect. Would recommend journal writing to see how much of a difference it’s made in your daily life (i.e. what did you want to do and what did you actually do?) GOod LuCK!

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Yeah I heard it takes six months to see the full effect but I noticed a difference after my first dose. I already take more showers, procrastinate and dwell on psychotic things less, and have better feelings.


After further research some were said to find higher amounts of sarcosine in the prostate cancer cells that spread to other areas.

This is scary has me thinking taking sarcosine might fuel cancerous prostate cells to spread faster or something.

So far Sarcosine seems to be helping me with Schizophrenia and maybe depression almoust immediatly after taking it.