Starting first job in 40min

What if I ■■■■ up



Do the best you can, and I’m sure it will work out. Try to relax a little, though I realize that’s much easier said than done. Remember that it’s just your first day; I don’t know what the job is, but you’re almost expected to mess up a little at first. If you don’t mess up, that’s great, but if you do I’m sure it won’t be too big of a deal.


Won’t know unless you try give it your all. Good luck.


You’ll be fine. Just try to relax and be open to the experience. Don’t focus on messing up, everyone does when they start a new job. Ask a lot of questions if you’re unsure.

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Congrats! Don’t let your mind get hung up on worry. Enjoy the experience!
I’m really sure you’re going to do well!

good luck, my man

I got back from work and I’m feeling miserable. There’s so much people information and noise and I just can’t handle it. I cannot quit the job I’m just going to have to soldier through it.

Maybe you will be able to get used to it with time. If you’re not used to interacting with people nonstop it can be overwhelming at first. Give it time, hope it works out for you and that your next shift goes more smoothly. Do you mind me asking what sort of work you are doing?

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Hang in there nomad. Builds character. I believe in you.

I am a delivery driver (involves secondary duties within cafe) for a large national chain whose name I cannot share.

A lot of people


Yeah, that is going to be constant people, but at least you’ll get little breaks while driving. I hope it gets better for you :slight_smile:. The first job I had after becoming very sick was doing night watchman-type security work. Minimal interaction with people, low stress. I think it’s awesome that you’re taking a stab at this. Maybe just stick to the short shifts like you did today.

Thanks man , I’m gonna stick it out and keep up my social anxiety cbt.


Can someone just tell me that people aren’t dangerous so I can hear it from another persons mouth

The vast majority of people you interact with are good people, not dangerous. Some might be a-holes in some ways, but that doesn’t make them dangerous.


In general…Initially when starting a new job you will have more anxiety and feel more pressure… Once you get used to the job people and places you must interact with… And those people get used to seeing you… You will find your rhythm and it will start to feel like second nature…

I mostly hated being the new guy because people felt the need to come introduce themselves to me or check on me because I was new lol…but its understandable just don’t be afraid most of those people were or are just as nervous… You can do it if you put your mind to it…


I wonder if it’s Jimmy John’s

I love that place

and their commercials

you don’t have to tell me

hope you end up liking it after awhile


No job is easy and they don’t expect the new guy to learn everything the first day. I’ve had delivery jobs and they are hard. Fighting traffic, finding your way, meeting new people. Its quite a stressful job to say the least for even people who don’t have schizophrenia or whatever your diagnosis is. One of my few natural talents in life is being able to stay in jobs I dislike or hate. Jobs are learning curves, sometimes they get better.


About to start my second ever shift wish me luck

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They need you just remember that

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Hi @Nomad I think it’s great you’re going to stick it out. It will take some getting used to but you will adjust to the sudden influx of interaction and noise in your life.

People are generally good. Some are jerks, but all you have to do when you encounter a not so nice person is to think to yourself “at least I don’t have to live my life with their attitude.”

Stay positive and everything will get easier.

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