Anybody tried Clozapine?

I’m about to try Clozapine. I’ve tried just about all the other drugs and they didn’t work out. Anybody on it or have tried it?

I took 800 mg of clozapine for over 3 years. It worked really well for me. I had to stop it though, because I couldn’t keep up with the blood work schedule or the sedation.

Don’t let that deter you though! It’s a great med.



Have you heard of loxapine it is suppose to be chemically similar without the side effects. I take a small dose with my abilify and seems to be doing the trick.


thanks for the advice. No I haven’t heard of that drug. I’ll have to ask my psychiatrist about it.

Also called loxitane

Are you not having any luck on your current meds?

No, I got delusional for a long time. Now I’m on Trifluoperazine my doc just upped the dose though.

My son has been on it for a year now. Blood work can be a pain as it can affect your white blood cell count. He was considered treatment resistant. I think it helps him a lot. He is pretty much positive symptom free (as far as I know) when on medications as prescribed and not indulging in marijuana and too much alcohol. A little weight gain but nothing a little exercise doesn’t help with and it seems to even out over time. He also takes Lithium to help with the white blood cell count as he was low before taking it. Over all I have read mostly positive experiences with it.

Yes. I have been on clozapine for 4 years now. Good med. The best for positive symptoms and also for agression.

I’ve been on clozapine for a few years and it’s the only drug that ever did anything at all for me, it’s typically effective for non-responders to the other medications.

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I had on it all possible side affects. It was terrible experience. I was on 220mg at the beginning but I couldn’t move,I was having terrible panic attacks, constipated, drooling at night, sleeping 8pm until 9 am, no thoughts, big weight gain in short time. After all of this they reduced to 75 mg it was better.
I heard is good drug but I still seriously can’t understand how someone can be on 800mg and be alive.
Blood test are a little bit annoying.

Do you have to get blood test on loxapine?

I was on clozapine last year. Turned me into a Zombie!! I was sleeping 16+hours a night, drooling, gained a ton of weight, the blood tests weekly are the worst. It didn’t help at all with the hallucinations and got very constipated.

i have tried clozapine, a good med, kills the pain and agitation and gives you straight thinking without sexual side effects, but may decrease WBC( white blood cells) so you should regularly test your blood, i have tried it from 12.5mg to 100mg, the best dosage for me was 25mg.

I thought this was supposed to be a type of wonder drug. There is a blood test that one needs to take monthly. Am taking this but don’t notice much a difference. As a side effect I noticed restless leg. I was given something to combat this.

This drug was a huge improvement for treatment resistant schizophrenics. I was on it for a while but I missed too many blood tests so they took me off of it.

I’ve been on clozapine for a few years now and it’s the only drug that ever did anything for me, I’m a non-responder to the other meds. It has side effects but they’re pretty mild compared to the other meds.

which other meds have u tried hunni? xxx

Jake…have you tried Clozapine yet?

Skims: so are you saying you’ve tried many or most antipsychotics for voices without any relief or stopping of the voices?. Has anything ever worked for you for hallucinations?