Clozapine anyone? What’s your experience like?

I am being put on clozapine soon. I am afraid of the constipation and weight gain that comes with it. Any tips on how to manage it? How much weight did you gain on it if you gained any? Anybody here who didn’t gain any weight on it?

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Hi, I’ve been on clozapine for a year and it has helped me quite a bit. You’ll have to get blood work done every week for 6 months then after that it’s 2 times a month. I have gained 40 pounds since I have been on clozapine. Constipation has been a issue also.


Hey blendblue, i will give you my experience of clozaril, i have been on clozaril for almost ten years From a personal point of view it has worked brilliantly for me, great improvement on positive symptoms and also on some of the negative symptoms, Now for the side affects, firstly it can put a lot of weight on you, but you can put a plan in place of exercise and diet and walking or going to the gym, constipation can occur but you can drink a lot of water and also maybe take a laxative to counteract this! Next you will need to get your blood drawn regularly ie once a week, then once every two weeks, then once a month, its a pain but it is so worth it, None of the other anti psychotic worked for me! I was treatment resistant, anywayi i hope i was of some help to you, and i wish you the very best in the future! sean


yea it comes with weight gain, high sedation, ocd symptoms

It is a good med. The positives far out weight the negative. :hatched_chick::hatched_chick::hatched_chick:

clozapine is a good drug, the side effects are annoying and the blood draws are even more annoying. Unfortunately didn’t really work for me but it’s definitely worth a shot.

I was only on it for 8 months bcuz I couldn’t handle side effects (heavy sedation, drooling, zombie) so I can’t say how good it is but apparently it works well for some, so by all means give it a try.

I am on 200mg Clozapine a day and 50mg risperdal consta shot every 2 weeks for antipsychotics. This combo i been on now since my last hospital stay. It works wonders. I had long time looking for the right meds before but now on this combo things are going really well. I’m quite stable on it.

Well, I’m on a ton of clozapine and it’s ok, the only issue Is that I go crazy without it, even if it’s only a day or two

I took it a whole week. Clozapine just doesn’t go well with me. I hope it helps you.

clozapine works for me, makes the voices a bit quieter so I have some peace of mind.

although the possible side effect of akathisia is freaking awful. I’ve gained quite a bit of weight recently not from the medicine itself but I have to make sure my stomach is full before taking it or I risk feeling terrible. my doctor told me its rare though.

I’m on benztropine now which helps the akathisia. but still have to have ativan ready in case.

Other side effects like drooling can be partially treated with atrovent spray.

Had clozapine induced colitis one time when I was on 450mg, I’m on 400mg now.

I take clozapine as a sleeping pill. 50 mg does the trick for me. I also take 12 mg Invega as an ap and 150 mg Wellbutrin as an ad.

I used to be on 400 mg clozapine at its peak but then I slept 16 hours a day which was too much. Nevertheless, I liked its sedative properties. Made me feel calm.